Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hello, to whomever still has faith I will come alive again.  Have you ever had one of those years you wish would have never happened?  Well, it seems I've had 3 in a row.  I mean, there have been some good things; small accomplishments, visits and good times with friends, a sunny day...   But, overall, it would really be nice to have a total do-over.  So, what do you do when, of course, that isn't possible? 

What I really like to do is run, jump into bed and throw the covers over my head and hope I can dream things better.  Guess what?  It works!!  Well, at least until I wake up.

Okay, so seriously, there has to be a better thinking pattern here that can help guide a person out of a 3-year slump.  I bought into one of those motivational programs, you know, it has things like; Motivation Monday, Tough it out Tuesday, Work it Wednesday... and so on.    For the most part they do make me feel better but there are times I just want to slap those girls!!  No one can be that up-beat all the time, except Richard Simmons maybe.  I suppose if I were getting paid to be that chipper it would help.

I thought it would be fun to ask what do you do to move forward when you seem stuck in a rut?  Please leave comments below.  I think I'm going to go take a nap...

Friday, February 8, 2013

I think about now everyone has given up on me with this blog.  I have had so much trouble since this new up-dated version came out. 

Last year I opened a new website with high hopes of it's success but I learned a lot about myself instead.  I found out that a traditional website is not my thing!  I got very busy with custom orders and spent most of last year playing a constant game of catch-up and having little time to spend on the actual website which required me to have inventory.  (That became a dirty word to me! haha)   Then the designers of the website template would update things and that made all kinds of chaos happen as things that were working stopped and somethings disappeared... it took the small amount of fun I was having and kicked it out the door.  So the big news is the website is closed and I have another blog to replace it!  It is the same URL as the website,   My mentor and I are still working on the little details but it is working, just not much there as I haven't placed any post.  I want to use it to actually offer things to those that want what I make.  I will not take on any more custom orders as I find it impossible to be inspired with what is in someone else' head.  I would rather have people give me suggestions of things they would like to see and if inspiration strikes then I can surprise us all!  I just know that I can not afford the time it takes to do custom designs.  I have to spend that time creating what is in my own head and follow my own heart.

Anyway, I will be using the new blog for the Dollyknickers business and try to work on this one for pleasure and more personal to keep in touch. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More Knitting Fun

I thought I'd wow you with some more crazy insane knitting.  I haven't shared on this blog for awhile for many reasons... mostly, I couldn't figure out the new design!!  I'm still unsure.... but...
You remember the socks?  Well now I have Mittens!  Take a look!  I use 000 size double-pointed needles.
These are the thicker ones
Yes, they have a real thumb and fit Barbie!
Knitting miniature is so addicting to me.  I knew I could figure out a pattern for these and finally it happened.  They have been refined now and I even use a very fine yarn, also more stitches, to make ones that fit like a second skin on the doll's hand.  You would think these are hard to put on the dolls but they go on with relative ease and stay on firmly.

A friend asked me to make her something special so I made her these. She works at the post office and says she is going to wear them every day!!  LOL

They can be made in pretty much any color as long as the yarn is baby weight or fine to look the best on the doll.  Special orders are welcomed.  They make a perfect gift for the doll collector or enthusiast that you want to surprise with something out of the normal.
 Contact me!

Learning curves...

I should be smarter by now with this internet/blog/website thing but I sometimes think 'what the h***!!'  I just get comfortable and things update or I learn about something I missed that of course, 'will be the thing that makes all the difference'.  The problem is time!  I don't know about you but, my brain tends to shut down with the overload!  I slink into a corner playing silly games because I don't have to think.  I need an internet with training wheels!  Nothing is simple.  I follow forums and try to glean as much understanding as I can but it's a language thing.  The computer lingo is confusing to me, especially when I'm ask to choose between two things and I don't know what either are!

Things would be so great if I could just sew and knit and be creative.  It's the other stuff I have to do that sends my brain into a spin.  I have been so fortunate to have a wonderful mentor, Bryan Jackson.  He has helped me so much.  He is a wizard with html and building websites and a fabulous teacher.  I was so fortunate that he wanted to help me since he prefers to work locally and he is in Ohio!  Please check out his page and give it a like.  He hasn't got much on it as he has been so busy he hasn't had time to develop it further. .  I know that feeling!!  LOL  He uses his personal one more but the "likes" would still be greatly appreciated.   I wish he lived next door and could spend 100% of his time with me for the next year, maybe I would be smarter!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hello everyone,

Well, it's been a week yesterday since I hurt my back.  Went to the doctor last Wednesday thinking he would have x-rays done to see if something ruptured because that's what it felt like to me but he didn't.  Instead, he sent me home with some pretty strong pain killers and a muscle relaxer that knocks me out every time I take it!  I got some much needed sleep and I'm happy to say they are working.  Things aren't going into spasms like they were and I can get up and walk without making sounds like a yeti!!  I'm about 40% better and I'm happy about that.  I think at this rate I'll be able to drive again by Wednesday!  Yay!!

This is a quick entry to give an update.  I hope to add some photos maybe later today or tomorrow.  Thanks for reading and thank you to all that sent me notes of well wishes.  I think they worked!!  Many hugs.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trying Again...

Well... what can I say?  It takes me awhile to figure things out and sometimes I just don't get it.  I know this is suppose to be an easier interface but I liked it the way it was.  I'm sure I'll get use to it but time is a factor in learning to work with something new.  I don't have the time to study all the details. 

So, I took some time this morning since I'm stuck in bed with a painful back.  This is what I came up with so far.

Oh, my back?  Just one of those days it wanted to complain.  I was pulling clothes out of the washer to put in the dryer and WHAM!!  I was sent to my knees with an explosion in my lower back.  Explosion might sound like a very dramatic word to use but it best describes the pain that shot through me and buckled my knees.  Ouch!  What a bother.

Of course, like everyone's life, a lot has gone on in mine since I last added an entry.  So many areas to bring up to date.  Impossible and fairly boring so I'll try my best to summarize. 

Our summer was filled with home repairs and upkeep.  We put a dent in the honey-do list but far from being done by any means.  Some of the big stuff was worked on, like the well and plumbing.  Our water pressure has always been on the low side and we found out it was because the underground pipes were too small and not the right grade for this house.  We found that out when digging up the ground to fix a leak.  You how it goes, one thing lead to another.  We had purchased a filter system when we first moved in 3 years ago and that was what my hubby was focusing on when the leak was discovered.  The leak was fixed with the new pipe and the filter system was put in but we found out it has to be changed.  The expansion tank and filter has to be rearranged to take the load off the pump so it doesn't burn out.  Those of you with a knowledge of this will know what I'm talking about and maybe you can explain it to me since I'm really only repeating what I have overheard my husband saying!  What I do know is the filter system is not finished and we have a torn up yard!  Oh, and no leaks!

The pipe repair lead to another plan since we had the area in the courtyard dug up anyway.  We wanted to expand the courtyard to make it look the right size for this house.  The way it was, though pretty, was just not usable as an outdoor living space.  So, hubby started moving the mountain behind our house!  So far he has increased the area by at least 20 feet!  It is awesome!  But... it rains have come and he had to put the backhoe away for dryer weather.  Our plan is to create a beautiful retaining wall and place pavers to extend the courtyard.  It will be amazing when my hubby finishes it next Spring.

While he was working outdoors, I was indoors painting.  I finished my bathroom and am on the 4th audition of color for the living room.  It is a hard room for color.  We both want a darker gray color but every gray so far turns blue or purple!!  Something about the lighting.  The last effort looks okay but it is still a sort of plum mauve, which I like but Mike is unsure of.  I think with a second coat it would look great.  We will see.  Other rooms are getting prepared.  The kitchen and dining area has yucky wallpaper that has to go.  It is a big job since the previous owners thought it was a great idea to put it on with some kind of glue that isn't usually used with wallpaper!!  This is probably way my back is complaining so much right now!

I will add photos later when I can sit at my desktop computer that has the photos.  This laptop is still having issues with the photo program.  You can take a peek at my Flickr stream to see some of the fun.

I'll also share some of my latest sewing and knitting accomplishments.  I've been very busy in that area too.  I worked out the pattern for adorable and amazing mittens for Barbie size dolls and they have a working thumb!!  I use 5 needles to make them!!  They will be available on my website soon.

Well, that's it for now.  A lot of talking this time but now that I am figuring this blog out, I hope to keep things more currant.  Tah-tah!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I thought I'd never...

Figure this blog out!!  I just hate it when things change and no one is there to explain the changes.  Well, I have a lot of catching up to do!!
This post won't have any pictures because I happen to be on my laptop that has a few hiccups going on and will not let me post pictures.  I have a lot to say but I just hate long winded postings and knowing most people are busy so I'll try to make this brief, for those of you that care to know, that is.
Let's see, my last posting was in November 2011.  I was really sick after that for the rest of the year and into January of 2012.  I'm better now and nothing to worry about.  I also had 3 computers die on me during that time. That makes things a bit tough to keep up with the internet stuff.   My husband set up an extra computer of his for me for now.  I need it because I have a new website!  It is still Dollyknickers but the link is  I have a very nice tutor helping me.  His name is Bryan and he is brilliant!  We started back in November before I got so sick.  Getting sick put me way behind and I have had a heck of a time catching up.  One does what one can right?  Anyway, the website is fun and easier to navigate.  Plus, I have been making Dolly Operas with my main man Chuck.  Episode two is playing right now and you can watch it by going to my website.  The shows are also on YouTube under "TheDollyknickers" in case you missed the first episode and want to watch them in sequence.  Number 3 will be coming up shortly.
Mike and I celebrated 30 years of marriage February 25th.  We decided to celebrate later this year though because the weather has been really awful and we want to have a BBQ with family and friends.  So, the day passed with little fan fair, just steaks at home and a glass of champagne.  That was very nice.
That's it in a nutshell.  See, I told you I'd make it brief!  The getting sick part was really boring, just a lot of laying around and knitting if I felt like it and it took up most of the time.
Oh! Something did happen that was really exciting just the other day!  We came home to a bobcat in our yard!!  He was beautiful and huge!!  We have a lot of wild rabbits so I think they attracted his attention.  I couldn't get my camera fast enough though, darn it.  I hope I'll be ready next time.
Okay, that's all for now.  Pictures on the next posting!  

Thursday, November 3, 2011

How I spent my October

One busy month after another!  Family visits, doll shows, trips to Montana, and even health issues have filled the days and have made them fly by!!

Where to start! I guess I'll start with the new look for my blog.  It's the newest from Google and I thought I'd give it a try.  Feedback would help to know how you, my friends, feel about it.  Having the older post easier to see is wonderful and just clicking on the picture takes you to the page to view them in full.  I really like that.

I have a few things to share in pictures. I'll share some highlights of the trips to Montana to visit family.
I left home 3:30 am and was just this side of Pasco by sunrise

You can't know where you're going without knowing where you've been

Entering the pass through Idaho and into Montana

Coming out of the pass to see the endless stretch of ground to cover

The small mountain pass leaving Butte on my way to Sheridan

The beautiful valley with 5 mountain ranges surrounding it

Such a vast country.  They call Montana "the big sky" state for a reason

I had to stop to take pictures of the 100's of deer in this field

Shooting with my zoom

They were so beautiful and so many!! A few got a bit frisky here

Entering Sheridan

This is going home, entering the pass early in the am again

There was a storm that came through the day before that had me worried

Lake Coeur d'Alene

Entering the Columbia Gorge, on the Oregon side

I knew I was getting close to home when it started to rain

Yup... I'm home.


It was good trip.  I hope to return again this month before winter sets in and makes traveling over the pass impossible.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Miniature Knitting -- SOCKS!!

These are such fun to make, rather addictive.  I wanted to have slippers for the girls to wear when they are in their pajamas and thought, "Why not knit them socks in different weights of yarns?"  So that's what I did, and then adjusted my pattern to fit the different types of feet, from the tippy-toe to the larger flat feet.
Using the furry eyelash yarn, I came up with a fabulous "boot"!  Here a picture of them on a couple of models, one with tippy-toes and one with the smaller flat feet.

All are knitted using 4 size 0 double pointed lace needles or size 00 double pointed lace needles, in the round so there is never a bulky seam.  They all have ribbed (knit purl) cuff, a turned heel and gusset and a shaped toe.  Most of the socks can have the cuff fold over.  The boots are too thick and are meant to stay up.  Slippers are very short cuffed so no turn over is necessary.
They are a nice change from the plastic fashion shoes!   For more information and designs come visit my website

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where did Summer go?

Last week it was sunny and almost 100〫and today it is a good 25 degrees colder and raining!!  We only had about one month of what you could consider summer weather.   I shouldn't complain, it could be a lot worse.  I just am not ready to welcome back the rain.

Well, let's see.  What have I been doing?  Aside from trying not to hurt myself more, hahaha, I have had much going on that seemed to keep me from accomplishing much.  I won't bore you with the details... trust me, nothing exciting.

I did, however manage to do a few things.  I finished a few back orders and did some fabulous new embroidery on the tee shirts for Barbie.  Are you ready or this?

This lovely doll has been in my care for a few month now.  She belong to a friend that asked me to make a special fitted wardrobe for her.  She was a dream to work with.  Her name is Lalka and she is a french doll.  I wish I could give you all the details on her but I don' know them!!  I just sew for dolls!!  I'm not a historian!!  LOL  Anyway, she is back home now and her owner is happy with the outfits.  I have to say that I miss her though...

Then I have these to show you.

These went to another friend in South America where it is Summer all year long!!

Next month is another doll show that I have to work like a mad fool to get ready for so I am making a bunch of these to see if they will do well.  What do you think?

I did add some of these to my Etsy and the website.  Would love to hear your comments!