Friday, July 31, 2009

Blue Frill Sweater

This is a very feminine set with a little bit of fun. The sweater top is hand knit with a crocheted lacy ruffled collar and cuffs. A crocheted white "dickie" adds a little modesty, and then the blue snake skin print skinny pants add a bit of wild to the mix. Naughty and nice in one package.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Silver Pleasure Bikini

It is so hot! I'm talking about the weather! What were you thinking?? I know, I have a thing for bikinis, they are just so much fun to make. This one is made with silver mylar fabric. Like I said before, it is a difficult fabric to sew so most of this was hand-stitched. The top is made to slip up the body into place and then tie the neck string. The bottoms have a button closure that I accidently discovered making another bikini and really liked the results. I think it works for this one too. The button is a crystal rhinestone that adds a sparkle. To top the suit off I made a matching pair of sandals, that fit the flat-footed dolls.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

WHEW!! It's Hot!

106 again today...UGH! It is very hard to get inspired to sew when it is soooo hot!! I managed to make one small bikini. This one is another string bikini, same mylar blue metallic fabric but made a bit different. It has actual "cups" for the top and so fits better. It think it is a bit more modest too. What do you think?

Classic Poodle

I just love the classic styles of the fifties. Rock and Roll was just getting its start and sock-hops, bebops and corner malt shops were all the rage. I love the poodle skirts and sweaters. This is my take on that fashion statement.

I have made a circle skirt with a simple waist band and snap closure and appliqued the felt poodle on, then hand embroidered the collar and leash using metallic thread and glass beads. I hand knit the sweaters in a cardigan style that really button. Other sweaters used are made with the softest knit fabric and close with snaps in the back.

Trying to get the hang of this...

This is a real trial and error for me... I hope this screen allows me to use all the space instead of wasting so much of it. I'm so impressed with the look of other blogger's site. It will take me some time to catch up with them. I don't want an over-kill of stuff that detracts from my purpose to have this blog in the first place. What I want to do is share my designs with people that will give me an honest opinion of what they like and don't like. If you have any helpful hints let me know...Thanks!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Poll

The winner of the last poll was the glamour designs selected as the favorite. I really appreciate your inpute. Please take a minute to tell me which designs you would like to see more of.

True "String" Bikini

This is appropriate for the heat! This sassy little number took a little doing to get it on the doll. My fingers aren't what they use to be! It is made of metalic mylar and is very fitted. This is my first of this design. I will work on improving the user friendliness of it. Do you think it is too skimpy?

It's a HOT one today!

107 here in Vancouver! Whew! We have two airconditioners going and I'm stil in a puddle of sweat! I'm getting use to cold showers! Looks like more of the same tomorrow, maybe even hotter! Ugh.....

Well, dispite the heat, I was able to finish a couple of designs early this morning, while I could still function! I would greatly appreciate feedback on these.

The dress is a sweater knit that is so soft I wanted to do something more then make a top with it. So I made a "Winter Wonder" formal glamour gown. Form fitted and it has a zipper down the back that ends at the top of a kick vent. It has a detachable trane like half skirt and a beautiful silver belt with sparkley crystals and a latch buckle. Although this is a bulkier fabric it seemed to work to me. What do you think?

Monday, July 27, 2009


Sunday, July 26, 2009


Why is it that birthdays are celebrated? I mean, as a parent, when a child is born we rejoice and forever after that you remember that day as a wonderful event that changed your life. After a certain age, though, about the teenager years, it becomes a cursed day and God is punishing you for reasons you can not explain!! As kids, age was very important. When asked how old we were, the response was always in years and fractions. "I'm 5 and a half years old!" Or said with the word 'almost', like " I'm almost 10 years old!" This goes on until we are about 30, then something starts to change. Then we inform those that ask using the word 'just', "I just turned 31." We don't bother to say years anymore. I don't really know why but 40 seemed to be fabulous for me, and I loved to admit it! But this 50 thing...hmmm. I've been at it for 3 years now and so far it hasn't not felt good at all. It is nice to hear people say I don't look my age but I would rather not "feel" my age!! I'm sure it is just me. 50 is an accomplished age and one to be proud of, which I am happy I know what I know and have the experience I have. Today is a good day to be alive even with the aches and pains. I don't feel different then yesterday and I'm sure tomorrow will be the same. Today my mom remembers it was a day that changed her life.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

This is the same doll wearing a beautiful set. The sweater is a very soft yellow which really plays well with the animal print, mock leather skirt. The skirt is very detailed, complete with darts in front and back for fit, a mock belt and tiny buckle, a kick vent in back and snap closure. Aren't the boots cool? And the neck lace is made with a real silver chain and polished stone. So Chic!

This is one of my favorite dolls to use for modeling. She just makes my clothes look prettier. This is a lovely casual, yet elegant, set with velvety skinny pants and a great neckline top. Silver rickrack accents the top giving it a more dressy look. The top has 3 snaps to close in the back. This is the same fabric I used in making the Glamour dress. Clicking on the pictures will enlarge the view for you to see better details. Comments are appreciated. Helps me know what kind of designs work.


I had a very nice morning yesterday spending it with a new friend, Lisa. We met for coffee and breakfast and had a real show and tell morning. She does some amazing carvings using twigs of birch, some no bigger then a pencil. Such simple designs with so much detail. Heirloom pieces for sure. Her link is in my favorites "Lisadqueen". She makes the most wonderful granola too...Yummy. Once you try it, you will be hooked...I am!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pure Glamor

This is is a top model Barbie doll that was pretty messed up when i found her. She still has some black marks that I could not remove on her ankles from the boots she was wearing. Once I cleaned her up and styled her hair I felt like I had my own "My Fair Lady" from rags to riches just like Audrey Hepburn in the famous classic.
I made a velvety, form fitting mermaid style dress with glass beads accenting the straps, a layer of gathered tulle for a little playfulness, handmade lace opera gloves and a feather boa to complete the glamorous look. I think she is Divine.


This is such a beautiful doll but, sadly, has a lot of flaws. She even has eyelashes! I thought of the old TV series, The Addams Family", when I saw her and knew I had to make a dress that fit the personality of the one and only Morticia. So this is my interpretation of her very sexy Goth style dress. I didn't make the 'roots' on the bottom just because I liked the way it turned out as just a mermaid dress. I made her a little lace long sleeve jacket that seemed to look like spider webs, which I'm sure would meet with approval by the dark Mrs. Addams. Can you remember the words to the theme song?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Retro Super Bells

Here a blast from the past. How many of you had a pair of "Super Bells" bell-bottom pants? I did, briefly. I was a teen, 15 going on 16, begging my dad to buy me a pair of the coolest style of pants I had ever seen! I envisioned wearing these and looking so hot. My dad finally gave in and we went to get me the pair I wanted, a dark red, poly-blend that flared out from the knee into a complete circle. So cool! I put them on in the store and yup! I looked good! They swished when I walked and even my dad like them. Of course, I had to wear them home from the store so we finished our purchase and I felt on top of the world. Now, it had been raining and as we left the store a light mist was still falling. A big black truck with a cute guy driving, ( who, of course, thought I was a vision), stopped to allow us to cross to go to our car. I flashed a smile and proceeded to "prance" off the curb and in front of his truck... my second step kick one of the bells around my legs like a cocoon and struck tight! I went down with a slap right into a puddle! Skinned both hands and my chin and that didn't hurt near as much as my dignity when I had to roll over and peel that stupid bell-bottom from around my legs before I could get up! I never even looked at the guy driving the truck, I'm sure he was laughing hysterically. My wonderful dad never said a word, never broke a smile, or even chuckled, as he watched me get up and bundle the legs in a knot so I could rush to the car. He wasn't even mad that there were holes in the knees of the almost $25.00 brand new pants he didn't want to buy in the first place. He was a great dad. That was the first and last pair I ever owned or wore. I figure out that I was pretty "cool" without the latest fad. Now I just make them for my dolls. Here is one version...


This was one of my favorite bikinis. It fits perfectly and has a classic look. The bows on the side of the bottoms are mock bows and decorated with buttons. The top also has a mock bow and then it ties around the neck. I made the shoes too. They have leather soles and an elastic and ribbon top that fits snug on the flat-footed dolls. What do you think of this style?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This is another ethnic outfit that started with a doll that inspired me to make something as authentic to the culture as I could with my twist on things. I have a few lovely African dolls that are beautiful and deserve to wear something that shows off their beauty. Again I did some research and then came up with my own version. The fabric played a big part in the finished look.

It's too Hot!!!

It is just too hot to get anything done. So I thought I would post a couple favorites of mine. Starting with a beautiful Indian Sari ( or Saree). I aquired this doll and knew she deserved something special and authentic. I did some research and this is my version. It begins with the right undergarments that have to be made just so to tuck the "Sari" into. The finished outfit is done in the same manner that you would for a real person being wrapped, folded and tucked just right to gracefully drape. Hope you think the results are good.

My First Blog! WOO-HOO!!

Well, I suppose everyone starts this way, wondering what to say first. Since I want this to introduce what I love to do, I should start by explaining the background of CWDesigns225 and Dollyknickers.

CW is me, Christine Ward, and I love to design. 225 is the day I married my best friend and the love of my life, Michael. That was simple to explain.

Dollyknickers is sort of a play on words. Having raised two daughters that played with dolls, I started making doll clothes years ago when they were small and thought everything mama did was wonderful. They didn't understand why their Barbie dolls didn't have underwear, or if they did why they weren't pretty. So I made underwear, and over the years my ideas have emerged and the quality improved. So "Dollyknickers" primarily describes what I'm known for the most, well fitted "knickers" and lingerie for dolls.

Now I don't do crazy designs, just pretty, normal and for the most part kid-friendly, you know "G" rated. But once in a while, a little sexy comes out. Such as the teeny tiny bikinis I love to make. Like the one here I did for a lady in Australia. It is kind of a cross between Princess Leah from Star Wars and a Bond girl. The fit is perfect. The belly-button style bodies of the fashion dolls today really make my bikini styles work. I do make two piece suit for the twist waist or wasp waist bodies that look nice but are not my personal favorites.
I have been sewing for about 30 years, so of course my ability has greatly improved only all those years. My designs are my own patterns. I don't really like commercial patterns, first because I think most are too complicated and difficult and second I think the end results looks uncomfortable. Funny thing to say, I know, it's a can't 'feel' comfort, but I can't see comfort. Each doll is unique and I like to study the doll and put just the right outfit on her, from the underwear up. The fit has to look like it is comfortable to me. I'll get an idea in mind and work on it until it looks like what is in my imagination.
I discovered when a friend told me about it. I have a shop now and love the site. I feel at home among all my family of creative siblings. This is my shop where I sell my creations when I'm ready to sell them. I will be adding new items at the first of every month. I love challenges so request are welcomed. I don't get into crazy costuming but if the mood strikes and the doll inspires me to make something out of the ordinary, I go for it.
Well, this is the end of my first posting. I hope I explained enough about me and what I do to make you want to visit again and again.