Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My First Blog! WOO-HOO!!

Well, I suppose everyone starts this way, wondering what to say first. Since I want this to introduce what I love to do, I should start by explaining the background of CWDesigns225 and Dollyknickers.

CW is me, Christine Ward, and I love to design. 225 is the day I married my best friend and the love of my life, Michael. That was simple to explain.

Dollyknickers is sort of a play on words. Having raised two daughters that played with dolls, I started making doll clothes years ago when they were small and thought everything mama did was wonderful. They didn't understand why their Barbie dolls didn't have underwear, or if they did why they weren't pretty. So I made underwear, and over the years my ideas have emerged and the quality improved. So "Dollyknickers" primarily describes what I'm known for the most, well fitted "knickers" and lingerie for dolls.

Now I don't do crazy designs, just pretty, normal and for the most part kid-friendly, you know "G" rated. But once in a while, a little sexy comes out. Such as the teeny tiny bikinis I love to make. Like the one here I did for a lady in Australia. It is kind of a cross between Princess Leah from Star Wars and a Bond girl. The fit is perfect. The belly-button style bodies of the fashion dolls today really make my bikini styles work. I do make two piece suit for the twist waist or wasp waist bodies that look nice but are not my personal favorites.
I have been sewing for about 30 years, so of course my ability has greatly improved only all those years. My designs are my own patterns. I don't really like commercial patterns, first because I think most are too complicated and difficult and second I think the end results looks uncomfortable. Funny thing to say, I know, it's a doll...it can't 'feel' comfort, but I can't see comfort. Each doll is unique and I like to study the doll and put just the right outfit on her, from the underwear up. The fit has to look like it is comfortable to me. I'll get an idea in mind and work on it until it looks like what is in my imagination.
I discovered Etsy.com when a friend told me about it. I have a shop now and love the site. I feel at home among all my family of creative siblings. This is my shop where I sell my creations when I'm ready to sell them. I will be adding new items at the first of every month. I love challenges so request are welcomed. I don't get into crazy costuming but if the mood strikes and the doll inspires me to make something out of the ordinary, I go for it.
Well, this is the end of my first posting. I hope I explained enough about me and what I do to make you want to visit again and again.

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