Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dori's Dream

This beauty was so much fun to make. First, it is easy to make something for someone special. I made this for my daughter, Dori. I haven't made her doll clothes for a very long time! She still shows the same amount of enthusiasm. I will have to post an actual picture of the dress under the real rabbit fur stole later as I seem to have forgotten when doing this shoot. Her dress is a very sexy form fitted mermaid with a lovely lacy "tail". I then made a real rabbit fur stole, (which I still have a tickle in my nose from!) The stole is fully lined and closes with an antique cover snap I salvaged from a very old coat. I gave her a glass bead bracelet on a stretchy elastic band so it can be removed. Her necklace is real silver drop on a delicate silver chain with two glass beads. The doll already had earrings. Just a pair of strapy heels completed the outfit and the sexy updo hair finished the whole look. Dori was surprised and happy.

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FinindianOriginals said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the doll, too! She looks so elegant with her updo and fur stole!! Very Lovely!!!