Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's heating up again!

Whew! It is hot again. Not as bad as the last heat wave but summer is still hanging on. I got to do something really cool. I was asked to make a replica of a vintage Ken sweater called Hiking Holiday. I was sent the original and had a great time working out the stitches and pattern. I found some fantastic hemp blend yarn in a nice weight and used size 0 needles. I'm waiting to hear from the buyer so I can get it sent back. Here are the photos I took of the sweater I made and the original, as well as a pair of leather sandals I made for the order too.

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Court :) said...

Wow you are so clever:) I havn't got time to browse your blog now, but can't wait til I have. Love these lil' jumpers:)TFS