Monday, August 24, 2009

What a Week!!

Well, hubby had to train a night crew this past week so that meant he worked graveyard. That really messes with with the sleep! I sort of lost track what day it was... funny how that works. Even when things are sort of back to normal it is hard to get back into that regular pattern. Oh well, you do what you have to do...right?

So, what did I get done? Not a whole lot! A few custom orders. Another knitted sweater for my friend in San Francisco. A V-neck this time and I thought it turned out very nice. Then a very dear lady in the land of OZ (Australia) by the name of Courtney ordered a custom painted wardrobe closet in shiny black. At first I thought "Hmmmm" but it looks fantastic. Oh, and Cortney makes the most beautiful cards. I will put her link in my favorites soon.

A very lucky lady bought my "flirt skirt" bikini. It was one of my favorites and I will hate to see it gone. I will have to make more of that design. Anyway, I made the beach bag and towel to go with it this morning and, of course, the mini Vogue magazine. It makes the whole package fun.


Court :) said...

Oh and isn't it just the most devine wardrobe a girl could want:) thanks so much Christine. I love the sweater - you knit as well, you are so clever! I can't wait to get my wardrobe.

Court :) said...

I just took a closer look at your beach bag and magazine - wowzers!!! love them:)

Court :) said...

Oh Christine, I received the wardrobe and let me tell everyone it's the most divine in the world, I love it so much and I have to apologise but I have had no connection to the internet and am still trying to catch up, so I will I promise asap photograph and share, not to mention place your link on my blog too:) Thanks again, YOU ROCK GIRL!!