Friday, September 4, 2009

Ernestos' Sweaters

These are the finished photographs done by Ernesto. I was commissioned to re-create a vintage sweater that was made for the Ken doll by Matel. The photo on the right shows the original green sweater in the back-ground and my version in the red-brick color in front. I use an up-dated, Eco-friendly hemp blend yarn that produced a much softer finished item. It gave Ernesto the look he wanted. He then asked me to make another in a V-neck style. I applied an interesting pattern to play-up the design and this was the finished results. Both sweaters slip over the head with no back opening. The dolls are porcelain Muio Bix by BillyBoy. Ernesto is an amazing photographer. He sets up an atmosphere of interest and realisim. Check out his Flickr site:

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Court :) said...

Ohhhh I love those three colors, just gorgeous jumpers Christine:) I love Autumn (Fall) I need to check out your etsy shop I think;)