Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Hey Barbie!"

" Hey, Barbie! Look at my new sweater! I got it from CWDesigns225 on It came with a beanie that matches. Really cool, huh?" "Oh Ken, I think you look very handsome. You know, I buy all my clothes from that shop too." "Really, Barbie?" "Yes, Ken, I do. Do you like my coat and hat and sweater?" "I didn't know you bought your things from there too. All I know is that you always look HOT!!" "Oh, Ken! You are so funny. You should see what I have on under this! " (giggle) "Okay...let me help you down...careful now....WHOA!!! ... Whew! I got you!" (giggle giggle) "So, what do you have on under there? ....OMG!!! Wow! .... I like it!" "We should go check out the shop and see what is new. I heard she is adding new things all this month."
"That's great! Let's go."

Okay, so I have way too much fun!! Wait until you see the next story.....
Credit for the sweaters go to my mum-in-law. She made them and sent them from England. She is a very talented lady. I will have many more items from her to offer.

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Court :) said...

Love it. Love your photography too, ah romance:)