Sunday, September 13, 2009

Oregon Garden Resort

This was a really fun day. I didn't think it was going to be because I was feeling so good this morning but, we, Mike and I, met up with our brother-in-law in Silverton and had a wonderful lunch/brunch at the Oregon Gardens Resort. John was feeling a bit blue being away from home and his beautiful wife and he needed some cheering up. (We did our best Annie but he still misses you!) Anyway, it is a really pretty place with all kinds of lovely flowers and ponds and walkways like below...

Then there was a Roadsteer Car show going on so we decided to go to it. I had to take my heels off so I walked around barefooted...It was great! We all found our special cars to vote on. John and I are posing in front of the one Mike liked (wanted) a '67' Skylark and she was a beauty.

Then John spotted the one he wanted...I mean picked to be best in show... Ford Fairlane Convertable... wowzers! That would look really good wrapped around a certain redhead... I think John was thinking just that! Then I saw my pick... Wayne's '51' Mercury from the movie American Graffiti. Such a cool muscle car. It thrilled me to no end when he invited me to sit behind the wheel! AWESOME!!!

I think I looked like I belong behind that wheel!!! Don't you agree?


Court :) said...

Looks like a wonderful day. Ahhh warmer weather, can't wait:)

Andy's Rascals said...

Hot babe! Hot car!