Monday, October 12, 2009

Crazy Weekend!!

I have pictures but I will have to add them at the next posting. We are in!!! YAY!!!! Slept there Saturday night and last night. So wonderful. My cats are doing okay with the change. Sophie is a trouper and took to the new house like fish to water...but Harley!! Let's just say she is a FREAK!! She had to be carried all through the house to look at every room and closet and speck on the wall before she would set toe on the ground. Then she stay at my feet everywhere I moved. Then she did not want me to sleep in my bed. She actually punched me all night! She has no claws so she didn't hurt me but I didn't get any sleep the first night there. Finally had to go downstairs and sleep on the couch with her curled up beside me. Why couldn't she do that in my bed??? Arrrgh!
Michael and I sat on the porch and watched it get dark last night. Sipped some wine and relaxed. We both feel at peace.
The house is no where near in order...boxes everywhere. I had a few volunteers helping to pack and move over the weekend and now it is a search and hunt to find things. HA HA Ha! I couldn't even find my hair brush this morning!
I still hate moving but for some reason this time it feels right.

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