Friday, October 2, 2009



I truly feel like I'm dreaming! I have always wanted a cabin in the woods, surrounded by beautiful trees with a creek or river running by. Never thought it would actually happen! We closed last Monday and I got the keys yesterday. Mike and I went up for the tour last night. I feel so at home here. I hope we get snowed in this winter!! That would be awesome. I'm going to start taking things up there, little by little. Unfortunately, my shoulder and back won't let me do a whole lot by myself, but I can do some. It doesn't really need anything but we do want to paint a few of the rooms just to freshen things up. I will call today for the utilities and to get some quotes on the flooring for the studio, (replacing the carpet with hardwood) and replacing the tile countertop in the kitchen with granite. Here's a picture of the kitchen and the tile. What color do you think would look good for the new counters tops? Dark? I like strong contrast, I was thinking a dark chocolate brown with hints of gold would bring out the honey color of the cupboards. I'll be getting a lot of samples to test. I want it to be right.

It is a nice big kitchen. The sellers left all the appliances too and they are all beautiful! I just don't know why anyone would want a tile countertop...yuck. It is pretty but uneven and I don't want to deal with keeping the grout clean. Soon I'll have my mark on all this. This place is going to scream "Christine!" (and maybe a little Michael. hee hee)

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Court :) said...

OMGoodness - this place is awesome, you lucky gal:) Keep us updated with pics when you visit there!