Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Big Day of Projects!

Yesterday was productive, I think. It wasn't raining like the day before so it made it easier to get things going.
Dori was busy painting the guest bedroom a beautiful shade of gray-green. It will need another coat and she will do that today.

The truck arrived with the split-rail fence materials and James and Isaac got right to work unloading. Just look at my grandson work!! He just got right in there and started carrying the 10 foot rails! Pretty good for 6 years old! Hope he is still as industrious in ten years! LOL
They also added the reflectors to the monster mailbox. James also fixed my cubboard door to swing the right direction and he took a limb off a tree that was hanging in a bad spot over the driveway and he and Isaac set some of the post for the fence. It was a good day! It's good to have kids!!


Court :) said...

Wow what a great lot of helpers:) I love that color you painted it looks much better than what it was before. It's a great feeling to tick jobs off your list. TFS

ttiigeerr said...

I like the color too, you almost done finished with the house?
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