Saturday, November 7, 2009

Progress...I think???

Thank goodness for strong men. Here is my wonderful husband and brother filling the truck with mostly stuff for the sewing studio! Except the oak library table which we will use once again for our kitchen table. I has a special history and it will be nice to use it again.
Below is a picture of the space all my sewing was in! Remember the dolls on the wall? The boxes are my daughter's as she and her family move in. It will be a great home for them.

Then the real challenge begins. Where to put all this stuff!!! It is overwhelming at times as I had lots of help to bring it in but I'm on my own to organize it...
What a mess! but it is coming together even after a few set-backs. My mom came to visit, which was great, and then I got a bug of some sort that made me feel rotten. Now my shoulder is really being a problem...Arrgh!! I just want to sew!!!
Things will start to look better in the next week. One box at a time...right?

Now if I can just find my cords to the machines!!!
At least my dolls are finding their places!!


Court :) said...

Wow you look as though you have sorted out heaps though, it's looking lovely, what a great big space:) I love your doll collection too:) Hope your shoulder is feeling better and you are too. Court xx

ttiigeerr said...

I loooooove your special craft room, I see your getting more organized, oh when I saw the pictures reminded me the day I moved, hope you are doing fine.