Thursday, January 14, 2010

Insane Project

I know...and you're right, I am a little nutty. Really, this is all a result of getting new needles. I found a set in the smallest sizes they make, (#1, #0, #00 and #000 double-pointed, 5 of each), usually used for lace making. I've been looking for a set because of the perfect gauge they make in scale with the dolls. One thing lead to another as I was practicing and well, here you see the results. They have a real turned heel and gusset just like the big boys. I don't know if they can be worn with shoes yet, probably not many of the plastic ones made but I think some of the boots that are very loose would work well. I will probably make more pairs just for the novelty of them, maybe with smaller yarn!

1 comment:

Court :) said...

You just keep on coming up with surprises:) How awesome are these tiny tiny socks!!!!