Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ken's New Cords

Okay, here we have a first attempt at fitting the Ken dolls' body with a decent pair of pants. There a two different styles here, skinny leg and a wider leg. Both do not have all the bells and whistles yet like pockets and belt loops, I'm just going for the fit at this time. The skinny legged pair has darts to help fit the shape of that doll, which has a total different shape then the other one. The wide legged pair has no darts at all. I can't decide which I like better.

They both look good on the respected doll, but you can not exchange as the dolls are so different in shape. I think I will try to rectify this by designing an elastic back waist so there is a better chance of the pants fitting a variety of bodies. Then on to adding the pockets and loops. It sure would be easier if the doll had a butt!

The fabric is the tinest baby cord I have ever seen, perfect for scale with the dolls.

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Court :) said...

Hi Christine:) these are perfect - love the material/color:)