Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Arrival!

I have to show off my newest family member. She came all the way from Australia, sent to me by a dear friend, Courtney. This is a Pullip Doll. I can honestly say I never heard of them before a couple months ago. They are very collectible and have a huge fan base. Courtney wanted one for a long time and it wasn't long ago she received this one. So how did I get her? Well...

Courtney found me through Etsy when she ordered a Barbie wardrobe closet for her new Pullip doll. I customized it for her and she was very happy. We became fast friends. She also wanted me to make clothes for her new doll but we found that hard because the size is quite different from the dolls I'm use to designing for. She did send me measurements, to the best of her ability but before I could start anything, she bought her first Barbie! Bella from the Twilight movie and fell in love. Then she bought Edward and decided to send me her beautiful Pullip doll. I think we made a good trade as I will make her a couple of outfits for her newest dolls and customize another wardrobe. It's a win win for us both. Now I can design a line of cloths, "Dollyknickers" style, for this interesting and beautiful doll.

Thank you so much Courtney!

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Court :) said...

Wow see you already have beautiful photo's of her and I know you will get much more use out of her than I;) I'm so glad to have sent her to such a lovely home:) And I get to have you as a lovely lifetime friend - I'm the lucky one:)