Friday, January 8, 2010

Sucessful Cargo

I only had to trash about 5 trial pairs but I think I got it this time! YEAH! I swear this doll has no butt! I added a little bit of elastic to the back waist band in hopes to give more of an illusion of a tushy but I think I better start thinking padded undies. LOL

All in all, this turned out to be a decent pair. I added the pockets on the leg for a more cargo style, added the waist pockets and omitted the back pockets all together. In my opinion, the back pockets just drew more attention to the none existent booty.

The pictures above are the back and side view, (notice the "no butt" problem). I think the wider leg is a much better look as it gives more balance overall.

The crotch, (pardon me), is well fitted. That is the biggest beef I have had with commercial patterns as they do not make a well fitted pair of pants for the Ken type dolls. The waist is always so high and the crotch so low it never looked good. Anyway, this is a start.


Court :) said...

These are cool!! You are working hard:) I caved in and bought Edward Barbie:) Now I'm thinking I may just stick with Barbies?? What do you think?? I have Bella and Edward now and am happy:)

Dollyknickers by CWDesigns225 said...

What a silly question to ask me!! It's Barbie all the way of course!! LOL Can't wait to see pics of your pretties. ☺