Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Look for Snow

I think she was due for a new look, don't you? Sweet and simple.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Red Speedo

Well, here's the days efforts! Not bad but not the best either. I like the size of the elastic cord but but it ravels out when stretched so I will redesign the waist with a mock tie instead. I'll get it soon!!

My stripes are a little crooked too. Oops!

Friday, February 5, 2010

More PJ Fun

Hubby got me a new camera and I was playing with the features on it. It has filters so I took a couple shots to see what it looked like and I thought these turned out so pretty.
So this is the feet pajamas again with a few adjustments. Still with a zipper front and pleated heel. I added a tab on the top just for the heck of it and it closes with a snap. So cute!

New and Improved Speedo!

Much better... Don't mind the string, I leave it long so the buyer can tie it and cut it off where they want... I'm still going to experiment with elastic cord as I think it will make it easier to tie and still look good. Might even be a bit more to scale.

I think this was by far the biggest challenge I have had. I tell you this is not an easy body to fit. But with the right placement of the dart and a little padding,,, hey, hey, hey!!! Not bad for a 12 inch doll!

Now to make it in red and in black and and and....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sweet Spring

This is the latest lingerie set I call "Sweet Spring". A three piece ensemble with tube style bra, sexy ruffled "rumba" panties and a short sheer top with shoulder straps. All is made with a sheer tricot and lace.
The other two lingerie outfits are on their way to Australia! Yup, both sold to a customer that bought bikinis from me Last year. She ask me to make her some interesting items for her daughter who is a collector. She wants Speedos for Ken and ruffle panties (knickers) for Barbie. I sent her the pictures of the last two sets to show her what was available and, well she wanted them too! I made the above outfit after her request and I have to say I really like this design and I will use this again in various ways. Lots of possibilities.
I'm working on the Speedo design which is a lot harder then you would think when the poor doll has no caboose! I mean he is flat, flat, flat! No "junk in the trunk", no bumps for sexy speedos to
mold around to make them interesting, if you know what I mean, (nudge nudge, wink, wink! I even added a little padding to give a little help ... as you can see, very little! ) I sent her the second pair I made but I am working hard to improve the design so it doesn't just look like Ken is wearing Barbie's panties! Research is fun...I get to watch lots of Bay Watch videos! hehehe!