Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just Chillin' With the Dog

Well, it turned out to be a pretty nice day so a couple of the boys, Ned and Graysten, wanted to take the dog out and do a little exploring. I made them wear the sweaters I worked on while I was sick. After all, I sure didn't want them to catch cold!!

We were having a wonderful time. Hagus, the dog, was very well behaved and seemed to really like all the attention he was getting. Sometimes he seemed to act like there was something out there, watching us... hmmmm... made us a little nervous so we move closer to the house and found a lovely mossy area for some more photos. But Hagus seemed to become more and more concerned acting...
Then Jill showed up in her newest bikini. I thought it was a bit cold to be parading around in it but it seemed to perk the guys right up!
I wanted to get some shots of her before she got to cold, so we took a couple here by the house, and then she wanted to climb up in the rocks when the guys told her they were getting their pictures taken up there! Crazy girl! Before we could say that there might be something lurking up there she was already posed for her first photo! Hagus was really keeping an eye out....
He sure didn't like the smell in the air and he started to growl!!
And THEN!!!!
Before poor Jill could move an inch the beast was on her! Even Hagus was to scared to move...stupid dog.

But all is well... it was just Harley. She gave Hagus a kiss and moved on when she saw I was taking her picture. She is a bit camera shy.
So the day turned out lovely...♥


Court :) said...

Wow you should sell barbie and ken comic strips - I loved reading that:) Great clothes too - love the brown cargo's and the jumpers (sweaters)LOL Wish I could look that good in a bikini again:)

Ernesto said...

Wonderful photos! Everything in them is fantastic. The moss covered stones are dreamy. Wonderful work Christine!