Saturday, March 20, 2010

Turn of the Century Swimwear for Ken

Well, this was an interesting challenge. I was asked if I could make a turn of the century swimsuit for Ken and after investigating many very unattractive photos of men in their "modest" swimming attire, I came accross this design and thought it was the best of the worst. It has a real working button front and is made with a stretch cotton/lycra fabric. Most of the turn-of-the-century suits were made of wool but I didn't have any so this was the next best thing. The photo shows the man also wore heavy leg warmer type socks. I know, what were they thinking?
I have another design I'm putting together that might be a little better but for now this is all I came up with. I made the sandals too. So what do you think?


smidge girl said...

This is too cute, lol! I absolutely love it!

Court :) said...

I love, love, love this outfit - looks terrific!:)