Monday, March 15, 2010

The wonderful life of my Grandson...

This is my very active 7-year-old grandson, Isaac. He's the tallest in the class and really pays close attention to his teacher, Sen pi Lance.

Isaac is on the left.
He is taking a short break from karate and enjoying swimming classes as well as music, science, world traveler and chimes, all part of a wonderful program put together through the Vancouver school district for home-schooling kids. It is sort of a co-op with parents and family members and teachers. They provide classes to help round out the education of the children as well as give them the socialization they need. They also give the encouragement needed to the parents as they work hard at home to continue the education.
Here is Ms. Phoebe helping Isaac learn to float on his back. The kids have such a good time and are learning something important that could save their life someday. Isaac says he gets nervous before swimming but the moment he is changed into his swim trunks he is out the door and in the water in a flash!! I got to go be his guest last Wednesday and I sat through the music class and had lunch and then the swimming class. It was wonderful. I wish they would have had something like this when my girls were little.
More and more schools are losing touch with the children. It is programs and wonderful teachers like this that make teaching and learning a joy again, and getting parents involved in this education helps keep the family close. When you know what your child is doing and involved in there less of a chance there will be problems that can't be handled. This has my support 100%.

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