Friday, April 23, 2010

Here's some more Insanity

I just thought I'd share some of the little things I did while my knee was healing. I decided to make some more of the insane little socks for Ken and Barbie, complete with turned heal and gusset. Needle size #000 double point. They fit perfectly.

I made a few different lengths. These knee-high slouch socks took a very long time to do, mostly because the yarn was almost thread like. If I make them again I will adjust the number of stitches to create a more contoured look. These look better to me scrunched down.

Here's the gang modeling the different pairs. I think I will knit up a few more and then present them on my website to sell.

I'll have to work on some mittens to go with the hats and scarves. I know, insane, huh?

Shawl Sweater with Pockets!

Just a follow up on the sweater. My client agreed that it looked like something was missing without the pockets and ask if I could add them. Yay!! Doesn't it look much better?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shawl Collar Sweater

Well this is what I've been working on. (In case you don't know, you can click on any of the pictures to enlarge). I was introduce to a new customer that has some definite ideas in mind as to what he wants for his collection. This is my first shawl collar on a doll sweater. I sent him pictures and I'm waiting to hear back if he likes it or not. I think it needs pockets but he hasn't made up his mind yet if he wants them. I like it so I won't mind if he says "pass".
It is made with a cotton yarn in a beautiful heather gray and black buttons.

My guy likes it! I just needed him to pose on the deck but he got frisky and decide make his poses look a bit more adventurous and started for the rocks! I was so afraid he was going to damage the sweater but he was careful and he was right about the picture. It did liven things up some.

You should have seen him trying to get down!!! LOL!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Incredible 1:6 Furniture

Is this amazing or what???
This is the #1 set and will not be available for sale as Ron will keep this. But don't worry, he is busy making more, and will have many different exotic woods to offer. This is fine craftsmanship with "old time" quality. You know, when woodworkers and furniture makers really cared. The kind that becomes heirlooms passed down generation to generation. Not the factory, mass produced garbage that is out there now. This is going to be a treasure for doll collectors.

This is made by a true master of the art. Perfect miniatures of Ron's signature table he designed years ago. This is made from a black walnut burl, which is very rare and expensive to get, and why this set is not for sale. Ron used techniques such as "bookmarking" the grain for the tops of the tables and then he "waterfalled" the pattern over the sides and back. A lot of time and care goes into creating this look. The legs are a special design using a unique curve and made with black walnut and birch.
As you can see, all the drawers are fully functioning and have beautiful silver pull nobs and back plates. But wait! There's more!
This is the first design Ron came up with for the couch but he has refined this to an even better one. I upholstered this for him, in fact, it was while covering the cushions I had my little accident with the scissors! The gold fabric in the front is now replaced with birch and looks so much nicer. But this still shows how well this fits the dolls. It isn't flimsy by any means.
The whole set will included what you see here, with the four tables and a couch. But save your pennies, because the price tag is around $800.00. Really, that is a reasonable price and well below what he could charge for the quality. Take a look out there of what is available and you will soon discover there is a huge drought for well made furniture in this scale. I have found a few with some nice things to offer and they have huge prices and yet no where near what you see hear. I wish you could reach in and pick this up to feel how stout and sturdy this is. You don't feel like you have to be super careful for fear it might break.
There will be more to come and I will let you know as soon as it is available for sale. If you want to get in line early let me know, make comments please, and I'll add you to the list. Ron plans to make 52 set in the next year and that might be all ever made. He has other designs that will be ready soon.

Freak Accident!!

Okay, I know this might be a bit gross to some of you but I waited a day or two before I took these so it wouldn't look too bad. What did I do? I found out the hard way that when you drop your scissors, you should just let them fall and not try to catch them with your knees! Ouch, for sure!! On the right you can see where the 2 inch blades went in and the little dot on the left is where they almost came out again! It went deep but thank goodness it didn't angle straight in. I was off my feet for a couple days and then it was only the stairs that gave me the most problem. The whole top of my knee is numb, a really creepy feeling. Try this: have a friend put their index finger on top of yours and with your other hand rub across the two fingers with your index finger on top touching your friend's finger and your thumb on the bottom touching your finger. You will get the same sensation my knee feels. Kind of dead and alive at the same time. Cool party trick.
It is healing fine so no worries, but this is why I have been slow at entering new blogs. I have so much to share too. Next, will be pictures of the furniture set made by my friend Ron. Prepare to be amazed!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ocean Breeze Negligee

My newest in the lingerie department. A lovely long gown and dressing coat made with a soft white tricot and blue stretch lace. She has a pair of bikini panties too, made with tricot and stretch lace. Very feminine and sweet

Winter decide it was through with us yet so I took these shots in between the down pours of rain. I was so cold! It looks like it was almost dark but this was taking about 1 o'clock in the afternoon! Someday, Spring will act like Spring.
She is lovely. A favorite for posing.

My first Make-overs

I have been so intrigued by the makeovers and re-paints of dolls by my friends on flickr that it inspired me to give it a try. Not easy at all! I was so excited to find these two lovely vintage dolls that were, for the most part, in good shape except their make-up had been rubbed almost off. Of course I don't start with a regular Barbie, I jump right in with a vintage doll! I figured if I messed them up too bad I'd just send them to one of my friends to fix. See, I always try to have a back up plan, especially when I don't really know what I'm doing. I figured that I have been putting make-up on this face of mine long enough to get the concept, but it is a whole other world when adding paint to a doll!

My first little pretty was a beautiful and rare redhead bubblecut Barbie. As you can see in the first picture, she had become a real plain jane with her make-up near gone and her hair had changed directions and made it look like she had a bald spot. I washed her up and re-directed her hair to swirl around her head the way the bubblecut was suppose to do and it moved in place perfectly. Then the make-up... her brows had turned green so I mixed colors to create as close to the hair color as I could, and after a couple of "wipe-off and try again" attempts I decided I liked her expression. She looked to me like she was saying, "Oh, really?" in that sort of snobbish, look down your nose way. The eyes just needed a touch of black liner and then a gloss to the eyeball. Her lips were the most fun and challenging. I added just a drop of red to the color mix I had for her brows and got this for her lips. I thought it looked great so I did her nails and toes with it too then added the shiney gloss and she transformed.
My next Barbie wasn't as complicated. She just needed the black eye liner and new lips and nails. My favorite was doing the lips. Now on to designing the perfect outfits. So, How do you think I did? I can only improve from here, right?