Sunday, April 11, 2010

Freak Accident!!

Okay, I know this might be a bit gross to some of you but I waited a day or two before I took these so it wouldn't look too bad. What did I do? I found out the hard way that when you drop your scissors, you should just let them fall and not try to catch them with your knees! Ouch, for sure!! On the right you can see where the 2 inch blades went in and the little dot on the left is where they almost came out again! It went deep but thank goodness it didn't angle straight in. I was off my feet for a couple days and then it was only the stairs that gave me the most problem. The whole top of my knee is numb, a really creepy feeling. Try this: have a friend put their index finger on top of yours and with your other hand rub across the two fingers with your index finger on top touching your friend's finger and your thumb on the bottom touching your finger. You will get the same sensation my knee feels. Kind of dead and alive at the same time. Cool party trick.
It is healing fine so no worries, but this is why I have been slow at entering new blogs. I have so much to share too. Next, will be pictures of the furniture set made by my friend Ron. Prepare to be amazed!


smidge girl said...

Yeeeeee-ikes! You poor thing, that looks awful! Trying to catch scissors like that is totally something I would do. I'm constantly slicing up my fingers, using saws and blades, because I just forget they're actually sharp, lol. Hope you're healing up! And hey, on the bright side, you must have some really great sharp scissors! :)

Court :) said...

Ouch that does look nasty. I hope it's all healed now:)

Lisa said...

OMG!!!!!!!!! Are you trying to one up my Spider Bite???
Well you did! I wondered why I didn't hear from you!!!
This explains it all!