Sunday, April 11, 2010

Incredible 1:6 Furniture

Is this amazing or what???
This is the #1 set and will not be available for sale as Ron will keep this. But don't worry, he is busy making more, and will have many different exotic woods to offer. This is fine craftsmanship with "old time" quality. You know, when woodworkers and furniture makers really cared. The kind that becomes heirlooms passed down generation to generation. Not the factory, mass produced garbage that is out there now. This is going to be a treasure for doll collectors.

This is made by a true master of the art. Perfect miniatures of Ron's signature table he designed years ago. This is made from a black walnut burl, which is very rare and expensive to get, and why this set is not for sale. Ron used techniques such as "bookmarking" the grain for the tops of the tables and then he "waterfalled" the pattern over the sides and back. A lot of time and care goes into creating this look. The legs are a special design using a unique curve and made with black walnut and birch.
As you can see, all the drawers are fully functioning and have beautiful silver pull nobs and back plates. But wait! There's more!
This is the first design Ron came up with for the couch but he has refined this to an even better one. I upholstered this for him, in fact, it was while covering the cushions I had my little accident with the scissors! The gold fabric in the front is now replaced with birch and looks so much nicer. But this still shows how well this fits the dolls. It isn't flimsy by any means.
The whole set will included what you see here, with the four tables and a couch. But save your pennies, because the price tag is around $800.00. Really, that is a reasonable price and well below what he could charge for the quality. Take a look out there of what is available and you will soon discover there is a huge drought for well made furniture in this scale. I have found a few with some nice things to offer and they have huge prices and yet no where near what you see hear. I wish you could reach in and pick this up to feel how stout and sturdy this is. You don't feel like you have to be super careful for fear it might break.
There will be more to come and I will let you know as soon as it is available for sale. If you want to get in line early let me know, make comments please, and I'll add you to the list. Ron plans to make 52 set in the next year and that might be all ever made. He has other designs that will be ready soon.

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Court :) said...

Yep Stunning! his an artist for sure. Wish I could win lotto and afford it, hopefully he will be doing single pieces? I may be able to afford that.