Sunday, April 4, 2010

My first Make-overs

I have been so intrigued by the makeovers and re-paints of dolls by my friends on flickr that it inspired me to give it a try. Not easy at all! I was so excited to find these two lovely vintage dolls that were, for the most part, in good shape except their make-up had been rubbed almost off. Of course I don't start with a regular Barbie, I jump right in with a vintage doll! I figured if I messed them up too bad I'd just send them to one of my friends to fix. See, I always try to have a back up plan, especially when I don't really know what I'm doing. I figured that I have been putting make-up on this face of mine long enough to get the concept, but it is a whole other world when adding paint to a doll!

My first little pretty was a beautiful and rare redhead bubblecut Barbie. As you can see in the first picture, she had become a real plain jane with her make-up near gone and her hair had changed directions and made it look like she had a bald spot. I washed her up and re-directed her hair to swirl around her head the way the bubblecut was suppose to do and it moved in place perfectly. Then the make-up... her brows had turned green so I mixed colors to create as close to the hair color as I could, and after a couple of "wipe-off and try again" attempts I decided I liked her expression. She looked to me like she was saying, "Oh, really?" in that sort of snobbish, look down your nose way. The eyes just needed a touch of black liner and then a gloss to the eyeball. Her lips were the most fun and challenging. I added just a drop of red to the color mix I had for her brows and got this for her lips. I thought it looked great so I did her nails and toes with it too then added the shiney gloss and she transformed.
My next Barbie wasn't as complicated. She just needed the black eye liner and new lips and nails. My favorite was doing the lips. Now on to designing the perfect outfits. So, How do you think I did? I can only improve from here, right?


Court :) said...

wow it doesn't look easy at all, you have done a great job though!!

sharon said...

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