Sunday, May 30, 2010

House on the Hill Diorama

If the pictures look familiar it's because they are photos I took of our home on one of our walk abouts. I figured I could not upset anyone by using my own photos to create these lovely "paintings". Again I use a special filter on the photo program I have to make them look just like real pieces of art and not just photos. I still hope to have frames one of these days.

It looks like there might be another budding romance developing here. Erica invited Chad over to see her new paintings. I think she had some other ideas too but Tinker is making sure to keep an eye on things! Good cat!
By the way, Ron is busy making some new items that are very exciting... stay tuned!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"HOT" Tango Diorama

Oh, when I use to dance there just wasn't anything sexier then the tango. It was the second idea of images I wanted after the "Ode to Garbo". I had no idea I was going to find so many wonderful ones. I took them through the same process I did with Garbo, creating that hand-painted look. These will also be getting new wooden frames. And, of course, I had to see which I liked better, the couch or the table in front. Still couldn't make up my mind. Love it both ways.

I think Erica and Tinker are very happy with the new look too. Tinker just liked all the attention.
Let me know what you think, which do you like more?
Are you a Gretta Garbo fan? Or does the Tango light your fire? Maybe a little of both... hmmmm... Gretta does seem to fit right in with the drama of the dance.

New Garbo Diorama

Okay, so I had to make some new pictures for the wall. The first ones were so lovely and I did get permission from the owner before using them but she didn't understand that I was going to use them in my diorama and take pictures to share with my friends. So sadly I will delete them after this posting. That's okay, they were special to her so I respect that. It gave me an opportunity to create something completely different. So here are a couple of set ups. The first one is dedicated to the great Gretta Garbo, one of my favorites of the old Hollywood era. What a unique beauty.

I wanted to see what the arrangement would look like with the couch and then with the wall table, to see which I liked better. I couldn't decide because I loved them both.

The "art" was created by using filters in my picture program to make them look like they were hand painted. For now they have computer frames but I am in the process of making real wooden frames them that should really make a huge difference.

I thought Gretta made a wonderful wall display, but wait! There's more to come!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Twisted Mittens

Just a few days ago I was taking pictures of my dolls in the warm sunshine enjoying a lovely picnic. I was in a tank top and sweating... Today, I have long underwear on and a jacket!!! It is raining and cold. Ugh. But it does give me a good opportunity to share something I finished the other day.
Yes, I've gone from socks to mittens!!

This is my first pair so I learned what to do and what not to do again! Still they turned out pretty good. They have a real space for the thumb too. This pair of mittens is part of the "twisted rib" pattern designed set that also includes this terrific tam (hat), and 12 inch scarf plus fringe.

It looks fabulous with the knitted coat my mum-in-law made.
I plan to have several of these made up to offer on my dollyknickers website, in different colors and patterns.

Also, I made socks for the tippy toe Barbies. They make great lounge socks/slippers. These will also be available in different colors and patterns.

Hope you like these. Hopefully this will be the last cold weather items you will see until fall. You never know... it's raining again.

Picnic Extras

What's a picnic without hamburgers and hotdogs? I had trouble finding food items in scale with my dolls that looked real so I made my own using polymer clay! It was so fun and I thought they turned out pretty real looking. I then made some french fries and plates and cups and the potato chip bags. There isn't real chips inside, just fluff!

I am offering a set of these with the sale of a picnic table as a bonus free gift. I'm working on some other food items too but this is it for now.

Oh I can't wait until it gets nice enough outside to BBQ!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lovely Day at the Park

Here we are back at the park, but this time what a lovely day it is. All the choice spots have been taken and everyone is enjoying the sunshine while it last. Niki and Silvia brought the kids to play. Silvia said to Niki, "this is the best place to come when we babysit. The kids have so much fun." Niki agreed. Little Kelly wasn't too sure about Trish and Toni, though, being new to the group. Silva tried to encourage her to jump right in and play. "Look at that awesome ball they have! Doesn't it look like fun?" I don't think she was too convinced.

There's our sweethearts, Grayson and BethLynn. This time BethLynn kept her wrap with her. "It's so much nicer today but it is still a little cool." said BethLynn. Grayson took advantage of the moment and pulled her up close to him, "Cuddle next to me, I'll keep you warm." BethLynn giggled and gave his thigh a squeeze.
Winston and Tod also decided to enjoy the day by having lunch in the park. "Man! These are some awesome burgers, Tod. Where did you get them?" "Oh, right next to the market is a little place called 'Dollyknicker's Cafe'. I couldn't make up my mind to get the hot dogs or the burgers, so I just got both." Tod answered. "I can see why. This is great!" Winston said with a mouthful of burger.
Picnic tables by Mr. Ric Eddy, available on my website:
Accessories and food items by me will also be on my dollyknickers website.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Picnic Time

I know, it seems like Summer is never going to arrive! Dark clouds keeping bringing the rain and blocking the sunshine. When the sun does break through, it gets nice and toasty but about the time you take your sweater off you have to put it right back on again!!
That's what's happening to my little friends here. They stopped to have a little picnic in a beautiful setting when they saw these terrific picnic tables. Grayson kept his sweater on but poor Beth Lynn took hers off and regretted it!

"The sun was just shining two minutes ago!!" Beth Lynn said in a very annoyed voice. "Do you want me to get your sweater? You look cold." Grayson offered. "No," she answered, " let's just eat, I'm starved. We better hurry because it looks like rain." Grayson tried to lift the tension, "We will have to remember this place and maybe get the gang together for a nice BBQ." That seemed to brighten Beth Lynn up and she smiled and nodded in agreement, then took a big bite of her kabob.

Grayson said, " Haggus would love it out here too. We will have to bring the ol' boy." Beth Lynn agreed. "He would be good to have around anyway just in case there are wild cats lurking... that is if he doesn't get scared like that one time with Jill... silly dog." ♥

Picnic tables were created by my very talented friend, Ric. They are made to look like the real ones that you find at roadside parks, weathered and worn with an occasional carving or two. Ric painted them in a rustic barn red and a nice gray and then created the distressed look. In perfect scale for the 11.5 and 12 inch dolls.
These will be available in my Etsy store next week. They will sell for $50 plus shipping. I'm working on the extras that will be included with the sale. A real surprise package of fun.
Ric is busy creating more outdoor furnishings that will knock your socks off. Summer will arrive someday so plan to be ready!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gorgeous Couch

I just finished making the cushions and accessories for this beautiful black walnut and birch sofa/couch. Ron did a wonderful job of making it to scale with Barbie. I covered the cushions with a deep rich dark brown leather-like fabric and the covers are made so that they can be removed and have different covers for a whole new look. I will have extra covers available, sold separate for around $35-$40.

I only wish I had the tables here to show the whole set together. This is definitely on my wish list!!
The price tag for the couch alone is $120.00. I will have a limited supply on my website soon.

The bolster pillows are completely handmade with the leather-like patched ends and are made to match the afghan throw that my model seems to be taking advantage of. She must not have had enough sleep last night! But doesn't she look cozy?
The afghan and pillows are sold as a set for $25. I will have a variety of accessories available soon to choose from.
More to come ....

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Aran Sweater for Ken

Well, this was some challenge! Took awhile to do but mostly because I undo it a few times and re-knit to work out the technique and pattern. All in all, I'm very happy how it turned out. This yarn is an acrylic/wool blend in a "manly" yellow.
As you can see, it is an all-over design and carries down the arms too. The ribbing and the shawl collar is a little different as it is done using a twist rib which makes it looks like tiny cables.
This is also a drop shoulder design. The shawl collar can be worn standing up as well as folded over, which creates a very different look.

I think my guy looks pretty darn sexy, don't you think so? I can't wait to get started on the next one.
This technique is going to be very versatile as I can manipulate the stitches into many patterns to simulate the Aran look. You have to think about the difference in the amount of stitches used. An Aran sweater, or any cable sweater, for an average adult is done over around 120 stitches or more. I'm recreating this on just 30 stitches.
I will be selling finished sweaters on my web site as I get them finished but I'm more then happy to take special orders.