Saturday, May 1, 2010

Aran Sweater for Ken

Well, this was some challenge! Took awhile to do but mostly because I undo it a few times and re-knit to work out the technique and pattern. All in all, I'm very happy how it turned out. This yarn is an acrylic/wool blend in a "manly" yellow.
As you can see, it is an all-over design and carries down the arms too. The ribbing and the shawl collar is a little different as it is done using a twist rib which makes it looks like tiny cables.
This is also a drop shoulder design. The shawl collar can be worn standing up as well as folded over, which creates a very different look.

I think my guy looks pretty darn sexy, don't you think so? I can't wait to get started on the next one.
This technique is going to be very versatile as I can manipulate the stitches into many patterns to simulate the Aran look. You have to think about the difference in the amount of stitches used. An Aran sweater, or any cable sweater, for an average adult is done over around 120 stitches or more. I'm recreating this on just 30 stitches.
I will be selling finished sweaters on my web site as I get them finished but I'm more then happy to take special orders.


Court :) said...

ohhhh I actually love that yellow with the cowboy hat and blue jeans!!! Gorgeous design Christine!!

FinindianOriginals said...

This is GREAT! Looks so authentic!
Love Ken's cowboy hat & jeans! You've done a grea job on this sweater & the others, too!!