Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gorgeous Couch

I just finished making the cushions and accessories for this beautiful black walnut and birch sofa/couch. Ron did a wonderful job of making it to scale with Barbie. I covered the cushions with a deep rich dark brown leather-like fabric and the covers are made so that they can be removed and have different covers for a whole new look. I will have extra covers available, sold separate for around $35-$40.

I only wish I had the tables here to show the whole set together. This is definitely on my wish list!!
The price tag for the couch alone is $120.00. I will have a limited supply on my website soon.

The bolster pillows are completely handmade with the leather-like patched ends and are made to match the afghan throw that my model seems to be taking advantage of. She must not have had enough sleep last night! But doesn't she look cozy?
The afghan and pillows are sold as a set for $25. I will have a variety of accessories available soon to choose from.
More to come ....

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Court :) said...

OMGoodness - I am floored! Stunning not only the couch but the coverings you finished it with and the afghan - it's just too yummy - I will have to get one for sure:)