Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lovely Day at the Park

Here we are back at the park, but this time what a lovely day it is. All the choice spots have been taken and everyone is enjoying the sunshine while it last. Niki and Silvia brought the kids to play. Silvia said to Niki, "this is the best place to come when we babysit. The kids have so much fun." Niki agreed. Little Kelly wasn't too sure about Trish and Toni, though, being new to the group. Silva tried to encourage her to jump right in and play. "Look at that awesome ball they have! Doesn't it look like fun?" I don't think she was too convinced.

There's our sweethearts, Grayson and BethLynn. This time BethLynn kept her wrap with her. "It's so much nicer today but it is still a little cool." said BethLynn. Grayson took advantage of the moment and pulled her up close to him, "Cuddle next to me, I'll keep you warm." BethLynn giggled and gave his thigh a squeeze.
Winston and Tod also decided to enjoy the day by having lunch in the park. "Man! These are some awesome burgers, Tod. Where did you get them?" "Oh, right next to the market is a little place called 'Dollyknicker's Cafe'. I couldn't make up my mind to get the hot dogs or the burgers, so I just got both." Tod answered. "I can see why. This is great!" Winston said with a mouthful of burger.
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Court :) said...

Love these photo's - you must have had fun doing these:) I love the terraced area too - you live in a gorgeous area.