Friday, May 7, 2010

Picnic Time

I know, it seems like Summer is never going to arrive! Dark clouds keeping bringing the rain and blocking the sunshine. When the sun does break through, it gets nice and toasty but about the time you take your sweater off you have to put it right back on again!!
That's what's happening to my little friends here. They stopped to have a little picnic in a beautiful setting when they saw these terrific picnic tables. Grayson kept his sweater on but poor Beth Lynn took hers off and regretted it!

"The sun was just shining two minutes ago!!" Beth Lynn said in a very annoyed voice. "Do you want me to get your sweater? You look cold." Grayson offered. "No," she answered, " let's just eat, I'm starved. We better hurry because it looks like rain." Grayson tried to lift the tension, "We will have to remember this place and maybe get the gang together for a nice BBQ." That seemed to brighten Beth Lynn up and she smiled and nodded in agreement, then took a big bite of her kabob.

Grayson said, " Haggus would love it out here too. We will have to bring the ol' boy." Beth Lynn agreed. "He would be good to have around anyway just in case there are wild cats lurking... that is if he doesn't get scared like that one time with Jill... silly dog." ♥

Picnic tables were created by my very talented friend, Ric. They are made to look like the real ones that you find at roadside parks, weathered and worn with an occasional carving or two. Ric painted them in a rustic barn red and a nice gray and then created the distressed look. In perfect scale for the 11.5 and 12 inch dolls.
These will be available in my Etsy store next week. They will sell for $50 plus shipping. I'm working on the extras that will be included with the sale. A real surprise package of fun.
Ric is busy creating more outdoor furnishings that will knock your socks off. Summer will arrive someday so plan to be ready!


Court :) said...

Too cute!! Love the photo shoot too - you are so clever and so is your friend.

Sharon said...

Wow, you have yet another very talented friend LOL The picnic benches are great ~ it's so nice to see furniture for the 1/6th scale dolls :-)

smidge girl said...

Come on, Grayson, give her your sweater! sigh. Men!

Love the picnic tables! Too cute!

FinindianOriginals said...

This is so cool! Love your story! Saw these on flickr, but didn't realize you'd embelished with a story here! So much fun!!

FinindianOriginals said...

This is great! (not sure if my first comment went through....)