Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Twisted Mittens

Just a few days ago I was taking pictures of my dolls in the warm sunshine enjoying a lovely picnic. I was in a tank top and sweating... Today, I have long underwear on and a jacket!!! It is raining and cold. Ugh. But it does give me a good opportunity to share something I finished the other day.
Yes, I've gone from socks to mittens!!

This is my first pair so I learned what to do and what not to do again! Still they turned out pretty good. They have a real space for the thumb too. This pair of mittens is part of the "twisted rib" pattern designed set that also includes this terrific tam (hat), and 12 inch scarf plus fringe.

It looks fabulous with the knitted coat my mum-in-law made.
I plan to have several of these made up to offer on my dollyknickers website, in different colors and patterns.

Also, I made socks for the tippy toe Barbies. They make great lounge socks/slippers. These will also be available in different colors and patterns.

Hope you like these. Hopefully this will be the last cold weather items you will see until fall. You never know... it's raining again.

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Court :) said...

So cosy and warm looking - I love the color you used (groovy guava in the cardmaking world:) The pattern is lovely - *sigh* so talented!!