Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Day of Summer..

I know, the first day of Summer was yesterday but I was a little busy to add this. It is so cloudy and cold it is hard to believe it is summer anyway! I'm sure it is going to turn blazing hot and we will have something else to complain about! Hahaha... Natural complainers we humans are!

This is Summer, my newest add to my bikini line. She was actually created for a customer but I haven't heard from him yet so if she stays she has a place in my family of dolls.

This was such an easy hat to make! I should make a video as it would be a fun project for kids.

Summer looks great in hers. Turquoise just seemed bright and sunny, even though we didn't have any sun to spit at...

The set is made to either be a bikini swimsuit or could be lingerie. I made a pair of skinny pants to go over the bikini bottoms and the cover-all jacket and hat are made from the same netted fabric. Summer comes with her own beach bag that holds her embroidered beach towel, that my grandson helped to cut out, and of course, one of her favorite magazines. Shoes to match complete the look.

So if summer ever arrives at least Summer will be ready!!

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Court :) said...

Oh I really like this set. I love blue;) I like the pics how she's lying back on her towel with a magazine - too cute.