Friday, June 18, 2010

Vamping up at the Dollhouse

Mike decided to take this room as his office. It is the smallest of the upstairs room but it has a beautiful hardwood floor. So the first picture here is of the before and as you can see the previous owners tried to be creative. But this wasn't going to do for Mike's office space. I asked him what colors he would like and he surprised me with wanting a red, yes, I said "red", wall for accent. We went and looked at paint colors and he picked this one.

It was a chore to cover that mural and repair the damage from taking the scripture of the wall, it was glued on then painted over. So on with the red. I was amazed at how much depth it created. So on with the second coat and it warmed up even more. We choose a moss green for the other wall but the paint I bought was too blue so with my daughter, Dori's help, we used what was left over from painting the guest room downstairs and it turned out perfect. As you can see, Mike was happy taking it all in when he came home to a ready to set up, freshly painted, office space just for him.

The desk was a little too big to get through the door, the top of the desk was removed and that still wasn't enough so the door frame had to be chiseled away. Mike can repair that later.
The set looked wonderful and went well with the color of the walls.
Mike had to test out his chair. Of course, his kitty, Sophie, had to invite herself to join him.
I need to take a photo at night or at least later in the day so you could see the view of the hillside out back. It make this a great space and will make things more pleasant for Mike when he has to spend time working on his computer.
Now on to the next room!!

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Court :) said...

Looks great! You do realize red makes you hungry:D so my boys keep telling me.LOL