Thursday, July 8, 2010

Awesome New Bed

This is the bed Ron designed. It is made of cherry wood and is very solid. It is one sixth scale to a queen size bed. I just finished the mattress pad here.

I went on to make fitted sheet, flat sheet with embroidery along the edge, two pillow cases with the same embroidery and a retro coverlet/spread.

Notice the side tables go very well with the bed and create quite a beautiful bedroom. I then added the coffee table to the end of the bed and the wall table became a dressing table by adding a framed mirror Ron also made, (as he says "it's just junk wood, just to see how it would do". If all doll furniture was made like his "junk wood" we would all be happy!!) He will be adding the mirror to his line of fine furniture, made of course with the finest of wood too.

It is a pretty little bedroom and so much fun to decorate. Notice Tinker is checking everything out to make sure it is all right.
"Yikes!!! I didn't know you were coming to visit!!" Oh dear, Samantha just got out of the shower and was planning to go to bed early. "I wasn't expecting anyone until tomorrow! Look! I'm all wet and my hair is a mess!!"
Gee, I wish I looked that good coming out of the shower!! Com'on Sam, just do a pose or two so I can take some pictures to show off the bed.
"What??? I'm in a towel!! What can I do in a towel??"
"How's this?" I think she is being a little snooty but then again, I did catch her at an awkward time. I'm really sorry Sam. "Well, stop taking pictures then! That's enough, I want to get in bed..... turn around please..... I sleep in the buff so TURN AROUND!!!" Oh!!!!

She is so fast!!! Just that quick she was under the covers with her dignity safe.

"Say 'Goodnight Sam'" Okay... Goodnight Sam...