Thursday, August 19, 2010

Grandkids are so much Fun...

I got to spend some "quality" time today with my grandson, Isaac, a feisty 7-year-old and ALL boy!!! He gets his curly locks from me, of course. Mom was busy doing some paperwork for us so Isaac and I did our own thing. We had a busy day that included him patiently waiting for me to get a new tail light bulb for the car, going to the bank and to the store for a key and to pick up a container of broken ceramics for making mosaics, cruising a garage sale, and picking up a few groceries. He was so good, so, of course, he made out like a bandit!! He got a pop at Burgerville, a new toy machine gun of some kind that is like 4 different toys in one, two really cool tee-shirts at the garage sale, a Sponge Bob Calendar, and then a fabulous lunch at home, turkey sandwiches. After lunch, I told him that we would make one of his stuffed animal friends a gi (gee). So, here is the final result. This is "Barf" who is now "Barf the Ninja" wearing his new gi and black belt. Isaac helped with the pressing the seams and he dressed Barf. His mom helped tie the belt since neither of us knew how it was done. I learned it is wrapped twice! Cool.
Isaac poses with his Barf. I don't think he knew I was taking his picture too or he would have hammed it up some.

"Barf the Ninja" seems appropriate. For a Beanie toy, he seems to have the look for a ninja, or at least once the gi was on he got an attitude!!

Don't mess with this mutt, he just might hurt you!!
Isaac was very pleased. One down, two more to go!! I need a nap!

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Court :) said...

Very cool, I bet your a favorite with all your grandkids:)