Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What a Summer or What Summer??

What Summer? is pretty accurate. Weather has been strange everywhere. Some places have had record temperatures but here in the Great Northwest it has been a very mild summer with very few hot days. I like the cooler temps so I'm really not complaining.
I did have a busy summer with family visits, canning, berry picking and projects around the dollhouse. But my latest activity includes a promise to myself... I promised to take better care of ME!!
I've been walking 3 times a week and following a very scheduled and strict diet plan... no, I'm not starving myself... actually, I'm eating more often just smaller portions. I haven't been hungry yet!
Mike goes with me on a walk at least once a week and the following pictures are from a couple Sundays ago when we had quite the adventure along the Lewis River.

I had to take a picture of my new walking shoes. They don't look that nice anymore.

The day was beautiful and the river just invited us to walk along the bank... more like hopping from rock to rock! It was so much fun! I haven't hopped rocks along a river for 30 years at least! It wasn't as easy as I remember it! Hahaha!

This shot was not so bad but then Mike snaps the real glamorous me! Don't worry I made it.
When river rock hopping, it is important to stay on the dry rocks. The wet ones are slipperier then snot!! I found that out the hard way. I'll tell that story next with pictures. I have to run some errands right now so until later...
I loves ya!!

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Court :) said...

Great photo's. Did you notice the last one with the rock that's shaped like a love heart!! Just gorgeous!