Saturday, September 18, 2010

What a Summer Part 2

So, this is what happened... as I was telling you before, Mike and I were having a great time hopping on the rocks along the river bank. We had gone a long ways and I took some amazing pictures. Well, we got to a part where the rocks were quite far apart. Mike's legs are a bit longer then mine so he was able to hop to the next dry rock fairly easy, but, it was a little farther then my legs could hop!! I really thought about it too, I didn't want to go around the area because there were loads of brush so I had a choice to stop and go back or try to hop on the closest rock to me that happened to be wet. Trust me, DO NOT HOP ON WET ROCKS!!! I did the leap of faith but that sucker was slipperier then snot so down I went!! Now, under normal circumstances, I would have just sat there and laughed but I sort of got hurt pretty bad. There was no where flat to place my hand to catch myself so my fingers on my left hand simply folded backwards and I heard a crack. OUCH! I did not break anything, which is amazing, but my ring finger and the middle finger were severely sprained. My camera went in the river too. Mike rushed over and helped me up and grabbed the camera out of the water. I felt a little bit faint so I had to sit down again for a few minutes. We climbed up the bank and headed home. I could feel my fingers swelling. I didn't think to take my ring off... The first two pictures here are the next day and just before I went to the jeweler to have my Grandmother's ring she left me cut of my finger...
When Mike grabbed the camera out of the water he took the film disc out. When we got home he checked to see if it was okay by putting it in his phone. Pictures were fine but we weren't sure about the camera. My sweetheart of a husband decided to take me right down to the store and bought me a new camera!!! Not just any camera, but a fancy Cannon EOS Rebel XS he had planned on surprising me with!!! I took all of these pictures with it.... AWESOME!!!

These two are after the ring was cut off. I didn't even break a nail!!! Isn't the bruising a lovely shade of black?
Just to let you know, my fingers are doing fine. They are stiff to bend into a fist and my strength is limited but I don't plan on fighting or hitting anyone. Also, my little camera that took a dive has recovered!! Amazing! A couple days later, Mike announced "It's Alive!!!" So now I have two cameras which is good because my fancy camera doesn't take video and the digital does. Best of both worlds.
And my Grandmother's ring can be mended and sized to my finger in case it doesn't return to it's normal size.
So, just to re-emphasize a word of caution... Don't try to hop onto wet rocks in the river... stick to the dry ones!!

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Court :) said...

Yay I found your blog again. But oh no your hand looks terribly sore:( I hope you are on the mend now. Sending sunshine and rainbows my sweet friend ((hugs))