Friday, November 26, 2010

Finally Days at the Library

Well, I took some more pictures of the display case today since I could not find the pictures I took before. I don't know what happened to them? Oh well.

This is the lower case as it is at the library. There are a few changes from the set up I did at home.

This is a closer look at the room segments.

PJ Party in the bedroom

Winter wear display
Entertaining guest in the livingroom
Checkers in the game room

Some of the girls in lingerie
Playing with kittens

The month was a success and so much fun. I hate to have to take it down but my time there is over on Tuesday. But I have the case booked again next year in April!! YAAAA!!! That will be warmer weather time so that means the return of the Bikinis!!!! Hehehehehehe!!

1 comment:

Court :) said...

What an awesome display - and the details you put in your creativity is mind blowing - love all of the "sets" I hope you get lots of sales and word of mouth credit you deserve:)