Monday, November 22, 2010

Local Library Display

Our local library has a wonderful little display case that they offer to the public to display things of interest and they invited me to show some of my dolls and clothing. These pictures show how the case is set up in diorama style.

The bottom part of the case is in two sections so I created a living room setting on one side and a game room setting on the other.

All the furniture is made by my friend Ron Shivvers. This is the beautiful hemlock set he made just for me. It has black walnut accents. Hemlock is a softer wood then what he normally uses but I found the board and fell in love with the gorgeous grain. I challenged him to make something with it and he did not disappoint me at all!! I love it!!

The game room is fun. I made the checker board and the checkers and my grandson helped me make the box that is in the drawer of the wall table. The display case is very narrow, front to back, about 11 1/2 inches. It took a bit of doing to get things to fit and look comfortable. I found some of the miniatures at a show, like the mini pop cans, that made it look more convincing.

I'll have to share the upper shelf tomorrow because the pictures are on my other computer in the studio and it is late, too late to go get them tonight. Hope you enjoyed seeing it so far.
Our snow stopped for now. Temperatures have dropped and there is a freezing rain coming down. The report says to expect more snow. I hope so!!


Molly said...

Christine, I saw your display at the library and grabbed one of your flyers. I think my daughter and I would love to take one of your classes. Your dolls are so cute and I love the idea of craft classes!

And now that I found your blog, I will be a faithful follower! My blog is

Happy thanksgiving!


Court :) said...

Wow look at those tiny soda cans:) Where on earth do you get these things???LOL so cute!