Sunday, February 27, 2011

Anniversary Week!!

29 years ago I married the love of my life. We might be older but our love is as young as ever!

Michael took a whole week off which was the best thing he could do. We are enjoying just being at home in the Dollhouse. It has been cold and there is snow on the ground which just makes everything that much more magical.

There is a funny story in this. We wanted to go out and have a nice dinner on Friday, which was the 25th, our actual anniversary date. We got all dressed up and got in the car only to find out it was dead! Mike had left his key in the ignition and it was partly engaged so the battery was flat. So, back in the house we went and I called pizza delivery and we had pizza and champagne for our anniversary dinner! It was really good!!!

For the most part, we have been just sitting around and playing on our laptops. Mike bought me a new MAC Pro and he took my old laptop and has been restoring it back to factory specs to make it usable for him. I LOVE my MAC!!! It is designed to keep up with what I need to do. Mike also bought me the macro lens I wanted for the Cannon. I couldn't help but squeal when he gave me both the MAC and the Macro lens!!!!

What did I give him? Sadly, not much. He bought himself a few toys and he was happy with that. I'm very grateful to have a husband thats greatest joy is to lavish me with gifts but to be honest, I never expected that. I'm happy just to have him in my life. ♡

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