Thursday, February 10, 2011

Retro Full Circle Skirt

This is a full circle skirt with an elastic waist and a zippered top in lovely Spring colors. Full tulle half slip adds a bit of fun. This fits only the early body types of Barbie and fashion dolls. My red-haired beauty here is a mid-sixties bubble cut that I had to give a new face to. This style is well suited for this doll and the era she is from.

IMG_2070 (533x800)IMG_2071 (533x800)IMG_2073 (533x800)

The skirt band is eyelet lace elastic and I took advantage of the eyelets to weave a chiffon ribbon in a matching color, finishing the look with a bow.

IMG_2075 (533x800)IMG_2076 (533x800)

Next up will be some fun embroidered outfits that I’m getting ready for a show next month. My very first doll show ever!!! March 18th and 19th in Puyallup. I am sharing a booth with a dear friend that makes incredible dolls she cast the heads of and paints the faces and then puts them on Barbie type bodies. If you would like to see some of her wonderful creations, look in my favorites Links for “Wildflower Dolls”.


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