Saturday, May 7, 2011

ETSY BNR Treasury!

I found a great new way to show off the things in the etsy shop.  BNR Treasuries!!  BNR stands for "Buy and Replace"  If it is an open BNR, anyone can buy in.  If it is a team effort you must join the team.  I'm still very new at this part of the game but so far it has been fun.  Here's the link in case you want to take a peek!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fun with Embroidery

Just a quick show and tell!  I have had some fun with adding embroideries to some of my tee shirts and tank tops.  They can add a lot of personality to the dolls.  I have been adding items to my Etsy Shop.  I'll have some of these in there soon, hopefully in the next couple of days.  Life has just been so busy lately!!  All I want to do is sew and all I get to do is run errands!!!  LOL
Gouly Girl Tee
Pink Metal Arm Bracelet & Ring
Dare You!!
 I do have to show off this lovely sweater dress, that is gorgeous on its own but I made it to work well with the poodle skirts.  This one here was a custom order.  I matched the blues in the poodle to the sweater.  I can do many color combinations.  This sweater is made with a zipper and snap latch in the back and as you can see, very form fitted!  Looks fabulous on the belly-button style bodies like the Fashionista Barbies or it also fits well on the twist and turn or wasp waist girls.  The sweater knit fabric hugs the body.

The sweater dress is lovely on its own with a few accessories.  I added a chain belt and a fabulous brooch.

Here you can see the zipper and snap clasp detail.

And this is how wonderful it goes with the poodle skirt.

I like to give gifts and the lovely "B" brooch is my gift with a purchase of the poodle skirt and sweater set.

I do have a few available in my Etsy shop and you can order custom colors at my Dollyknickers website.

The poodle skirt has a rolled hem and elastic waistband and snap closure in the back.  The elastic makes the fit perfect whether it is over a sweater or a lighter tee shirt, it always fits right.

Of course, bobby socks are a must with Poodle Skirts.  These are my perfect fit design.  Made in the same contour of the dolls foot and trimmed to the minimalist seam bulk.

They are designs to work with the sneaker type shoes.

And always look smashing!!

Perfect for the sock hop!

A pair of these are included with every Poodle Skirt/Sweater combo.
( I don't offer shoes, though.  I will as soon as I find a reasonable source supplier.)

Well, that's it for now....  I got to run.  I'll be back to play later and will share some more fabulous embroidered fashions.  I have some new designs I'm dying to use!!!   Bye!