Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Warmer Weather Fashions

I'm having a blast with the many miniature embroideries I have to add to these great tee shirts.  The butterfly one above sold two days after I offered it in my Etsy shop!!  I wasn't quite ready to let it go but the lovely lady that bought it send me the sweetest letter and photos of her special doll wearing the outfit.
All the tee's come with leggings or Capri style shorts in a variety of colors, gray, blue, pink, purple, yellow, green, black and white.  The tee's are also in the same available colors.  I'm working on the blues right now, and here are a couple more great designs.  

 More to come....

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Challenge Conquered

The challenge was to create a
one piece bathing suit in the style of the 1900's bathing attire.  I found it was a difficult task and had many designs go into the trash can with a few under my breath exclamations!

Then it hit me like a brick and I came up with a workable solutions and prototype.

That is what you see my handsome Mr. Smith wearing here.

From this point, fine tuning the design and adding features and accessories, all the while making sure the end product looked manly and flattering, to come up with the following design.  My friend that challenge me to make these was thrilled and they are now on their way to be worn by his special dolls.

All the hems and trim is sewn by hand and pressed.  These will fit 10 to 13 inch doll torsos.  They are not tight, they fit so there is no bunching in the crotch area.  I hate it when suits bunch up, don't you?

First we have dear Steven modeling the red cotton and Lycra suit with racing stripes on the side and featuring a buckled belt and belt loops.  Also a leather pouch with snap slides onto the belt.  Steven is also wearing a pair of my hand made sandals, in red leather and sea green grommets.  I think he looks rather dapper.
Here we have Ben and Philip, (Ben has his back turned), sporting the other two samples.  Ben is wearing the blue cotton interlock fabric and Philip is wearing the black Lycra active wear fabric, both with the same features and accessories as the red suit worn by Steven.
I think they all look pretty hunky.  They are being watched by appreciating eyes!!  What do you think?
All the swimsuits in this style will be sold through my Dollyknickers.org website.  You can order at any time, the color depends on the fabric.  If you have a color you prefer, let me know.  I promise to make nothing but high quality finished products.  These are priced at $22.95.

Here is a closer look at Steven's sandals.  They slip on and off easy and stay on without a problem.  These are for sale on my Dollyknickers website.  I will have this style available in brown and black, (grommets vary in color).  Orders are welcomed and appreciated.

These fit Ken size feet but if you are needing them to fit other male dolls like the My Scene guys, whose feet are smaller, or GI Joe type, that have bigger feet, just let me know what doll you have when ordering.  There is one price for all sizes, $12.

Let me know what you think please!