Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good Grief... Now What!!

Yes...this is my armpit!  What happened? you ask.  Well, just another incident in the series of unfortunate accidents that keep happening to me.  This one by far hurt the most.  I was helping my husband unload a dresser we bought for our guest room that was up on his dump truck.  I was climbing up to remove the drawers to make it lighter.  I grabbed hold of the rope tie on the side that was very secure and I stepped up onto the gas tank then with my other hand I grabbed the other part of the tie I thought was also secure but it wasn't.  As I stepped up and pulled to get up on the bed of the truck the rope gave way and I lost my balance.  I knew I was going down so I swung around to face the ground but doing that lined my pit above a bar shape like a hook that stuck out of the side and I came down on it.  OUCH!!  My husband saw me but was unable to get to me in time but he did catch me from hitting the ground.  It didn't break the skin other then a slight scraping of the skin but it sure gouged deep into the muscle and then swelled up like a third boob!!!  I took this yesterday and it was pretty colorful but today I really look like I've been beaten with a stick.  Nothing broke and I can move my arm freely but it is sore.  I'm so glad that bar wasn't sharp, I'd be hanging there like a fish!!  Freak accident, a painful one but totally freaky.


Courtney Ferguson said...

Oh Christine you are having such a bad run of hurting yourself:( {{hugs}} take care and heal quickly xx

This Little Twig of Mine by LisadQueen said...

This looks horrible! I think you need to play with your dollies for awhile, and stay out of the Dump Truck!

Hugs and kisses!
Lisa :)