Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Toilets around Back"

Are you kidding me???  

This was so funny.  On our way to the beach, we needed to make a pit stop.  I pulled into a gas station and the kids ran in to ask for the key.  The guy said there was no key but the toilet was around back!  The two doors on the side of the building were locked so, puzzled, the kids looked "around back" and sure enough!!  Hahahaha

It turned out that one of the side doors just needed a good hip bump to open so we didn't have to give the neighbors a show!  What was also funny, there was a sink laying beside this toilet!!  I wonder how many actually fell for it??  Hahahahaha

1 comment:

Courtney Ferguson said...

Too funny!! I hope no-one fell for it as was it plumbed in???