Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trying Again...

Well... what can I say?  It takes me awhile to figure things out and sometimes I just don't get it.  I know this is suppose to be an easier interface but I liked it the way it was.  I'm sure I'll get use to it but time is a factor in learning to work with something new.  I don't have the time to study all the details. 

So, I took some time this morning since I'm stuck in bed with a painful back.  This is what I came up with so far.

Oh, my back?  Just one of those days it wanted to complain.  I was pulling clothes out of the washer to put in the dryer and WHAM!!  I was sent to my knees with an explosion in my lower back.  Explosion might sound like a very dramatic word to use but it best describes the pain that shot through me and buckled my knees.  Ouch!  What a bother.

Of course, like everyone's life, a lot has gone on in mine since I last added an entry.  So many areas to bring up to date.  Impossible and fairly boring so I'll try my best to summarize. 

Our summer was filled with home repairs and upkeep.  We put a dent in the honey-do list but far from being done by any means.  Some of the big stuff was worked on, like the well and plumbing.  Our water pressure has always been on the low side and we found out it was because the underground pipes were too small and not the right grade for this house.  We found that out when digging up the ground to fix a leak.  You how it goes, one thing lead to another.  We had purchased a filter system when we first moved in 3 years ago and that was what my hubby was focusing on when the leak was discovered.  The leak was fixed with the new pipe and the filter system was put in but we found out it has to be changed.  The expansion tank and filter has to be rearranged to take the load off the pump so it doesn't burn out.  Those of you with a knowledge of this will know what I'm talking about and maybe you can explain it to me since I'm really only repeating what I have overheard my husband saying!  What I do know is the filter system is not finished and we have a torn up yard!  Oh, and no leaks!

The pipe repair lead to another plan since we had the area in the courtyard dug up anyway.  We wanted to expand the courtyard to make it look the right size for this house.  The way it was, though pretty, was just not usable as an outdoor living space.  So, hubby started moving the mountain behind our house!  So far he has increased the area by at least 20 feet!  It is awesome!  But... it rains have come and he had to put the backhoe away for dryer weather.  Our plan is to create a beautiful retaining wall and place pavers to extend the courtyard.  It will be amazing when my hubby finishes it next Spring.

While he was working outdoors, I was indoors painting.  I finished my bathroom and am on the 4th audition of color for the living room.  It is a hard room for color.  We both want a darker gray color but every gray so far turns blue or purple!!  Something about the lighting.  The last effort looks okay but it is still a sort of plum mauve, which I like but Mike is unsure of.  I think with a second coat it would look great.  We will see.  Other rooms are getting prepared.  The kitchen and dining area has yucky wallpaper that has to go.  It is a big job since the previous owners thought it was a great idea to put it on with some kind of glue that isn't usually used with wallpaper!!  This is probably way my back is complaining so much right now!

I will add photos later when I can sit at my desktop computer that has the photos.  This laptop is still having issues with the photo program.  You can take a peek at my Flickr stream to see some of the fun.

I'll also share some of my latest sewing and knitting accomplishments.  I've been very busy in that area too.  I worked out the pattern for adorable and amazing mittens for Barbie size dolls and they have a working thumb!!  I use 5 needles to make them!!  They will be available on my website soon.

Well, that's it for now.  A lot of talking this time but now that I am figuring this blog out, I hope to keep things more currant.  Tah-tah!


King family said...

So sorry to hear about your back Christine.
I hope you get better real soon. Did you go to the doctor? Get rest girl, heating pad, advil, and hugs.

King family said...

Sorry to hear about your back Christine. You have to know, once you have a messed up back you need be extra careful. Get rest, take advil, heating pad,and hugs.