Monday, November 5, 2012

Hello everyone,

Well, it's been a week yesterday since I hurt my back.  Went to the doctor last Wednesday thinking he would have x-rays done to see if something ruptured because that's what it felt like to me but he didn't.  Instead, he sent me home with some pretty strong pain killers and a muscle relaxer that knocks me out every time I take it!  I got some much needed sleep and I'm happy to say they are working.  Things aren't going into spasms like they were and I can get up and walk without making sounds like a yeti!!  I'm about 40% better and I'm happy about that.  I think at this rate I'll be able to drive again by Wednesday!  Yay!!

This is a quick entry to give an update.  I hope to add some photos maybe later today or tomorrow.  Thanks for reading and thank you to all that sent me notes of well wishes.  I think they worked!!  Many hugs.

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