Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More Knitting Fun

I thought I'd wow you with some more crazy insane knitting.  I haven't shared on this blog for awhile for many reasons... mostly, I couldn't figure out the new design!!  I'm still unsure.... but...
You remember the socks?  Well now I have Mittens!  Take a look!  I use 000 size double-pointed needles.
These are the thicker ones
Yes, they have a real thumb and fit Barbie!
Knitting miniature is so addicting to me.  I knew I could figure out a pattern for these and finally it happened.  They have been refined now and I even use a very fine yarn, also more stitches, to make ones that fit like a second skin on the doll's hand.  You would think these are hard to put on the dolls but they go on with relative ease and stay on firmly.

A friend asked me to make her something special so I made her these. She works at the post office and says she is going to wear them every day!!  LOL

They can be made in pretty much any color as long as the yarn is baby weight or fine to look the best on the doll.  Special orders are welcomed.  They make a perfect gift for the doll collector or enthusiast that you want to surprise with something out of the normal.
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