Sunday, December 27, 2009

Spring IS Coming!!

This was a surprise outfit as I had no idea what I was trying to make until it was made! If that makes any sense at all! I was just trying out some new needles and yarn and it just grew into this sweet little skirt and top. The skirt has a ribbed waist that I added last to make it slip on easy and hug the waist . The top has straps that cris-cross in back and button in the front. The buttons are crystal and I added a baby blue ribbon threaded through the knit-in eyelets on the skirt and then tied the ends in a bow. The doll has flat feet so it gave me an opportunity to make her a pair of sandals with crystals that match her buttons. She really should be wearing long-johns as it was very cold out and I was shivering taking these pictures. But Spring is just around the corner! Right?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Sweaters for Ken and Friends

I always have a lot of fun making these. I love the look of Ken in a sweater and beanie caps are just a little extra fun.

Got to make this short and sweet but I plan to have more time tomorrow and will add some more pictures. Thanks so much for checking back and looking to see what's new on my blog. Things are starting to settle more and more from the move and I'm starting to feel the inspiration.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Well, here are the
leg-warmers that I thought this outfit needed. I saw this yarn and thought wow! it looked like so much fun and I think I was right. These again, of course, are knit in the round with 4 needles so there are no bulky seams. They stretch easily over the leggings and fit firmly. I think the guys are impressed. They are busy showing off their new sweaters and beanie caps.

I would have had these on here sooner but hubby got sick with pneumonia and has been home for over a week and today was the first day I spent enough time in the sewing room to get something done. I have been working on pants for Ken. He is just hard to fit but I'm getting there. The sample pair seemed to turn out nice. I'll get some more pictures up tomorrow. Hubby is calling... Good night!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Flirty in Pink

This was just fun. I have this incredible hot pink fabric that I just love but didn't know what I was going to do with it until I found this pink haired doll.
I'm not really fond of the colored streaks of pinks and purples and even bright yellows but I might re-think my stand after creating this look.
My standard fitted skinny pants (leggings) and a simple tube top that I added lacy button-on straps too, make this flirty fun.
Her headband just topped it all off with it's "button-on" flower.

Her hair is arranged in a fishbone braid.

New Design - The Knitted Shawl

I have wanted to make a shawl for awhile now but never seemed to have the right pattern clear in my mind. Crocheting one always came out too stiff but I still wanted the lacy look. So, I sat down with a pen and paper and worked out the lovely design. Made with a fine fingering yarn in a soft white with very tiny needles. The lacy designs is created with a series of YO and K2Tog. If you are a knitter, you know what that means.

Adding the fringe was time-consuming but so worth the effort I think. I left it longer because I liked the grace it lends to the look.

There is a little silver butterfly bead on the point, I thought gave it a touch of class. Around the neck the edge naturally rolls softly into a collar and hugs the shoulders. Over all, this is a beautiful feminine article to add to any wardrobe, and can be worn with many outfits.

Frosty Morning

This is our poor little fountain in the courtyard, all frozen!! The little birdies can ice skate now!
Frost in the rocks and trees is really very pretty. No wind, just still and quite except for the sound of the river.

Harley looks like a bunny rabbit going down these stairs, well, any stairs for that matter! She is so cute. I'll have to video her one of these times and post it so you can get a giggle.

So, this is our home at the start of the winter. I can't wait for the first snow to fall. I hope to be "snowed in". I know, you think that is crazy, but it might be the only way to have time with my husband!

Production Time!!

Do I know how to fill a space or what????!!!! It has been a long haul since moving to get it to this point. Well, it seems like forever to me. If you have been checking my blog to see what's new, I'm sorry it has taken awhile to post new pictures and updates. Believe me, it has not been without reasons. You know, just stuff that life throws at you when you aren't ready. We all would like to have things go smoothly with no unexpected bumps to throw us off track, wouldn't you agree? But, come on... when has that EVER happened??
The point I want to get to is that I am now again back in the swing of things... it just might not seem like it because I have so much catching up to do. But here at least are a few of the latest photos of my now fully functional sewing studio. I found all my cords and nobs and frames to run all my machines!! YEAH! Including the quilter. I have a lot of catching up to do there!!
Oh my.

It only looks like a mess to the uncreative eye! It's heaven to me. I took these this very frosty morning... I'll be posting another blog on the frost as well as a couple new designs I hope you will enjoy.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Drum Roll Please!

Well...I re-opened my Etsy shop this morning but I have yet had any time to sew a thing. It is taking shape though and looking more and more like a workable studio. The boxes are just a small percentage of what we had but it gives you an idea. Below is showing the cutting table with some of my beauties waiting their turn to be pampered. They were glad to get out of the crates and breath!!

This is my "DollyWall" looking rather full. Below it are more candidates for make-overs. Can't you hear them saying "Pick Me!! Pick Me!!"

Tah-Dah!!! My space is looking good! I now can move around and find things! Much more tidy.
It might still look like a mess to some, but it is my inspiration, my creative chaos. Now, I'll have to see what I can do with it!
Stay tuned!!

My Buddy!

It is so funny the things you find when you move. This is Harley when she was only about 4 months old. I got her from a lady that use to cut my hair. She didn't know what to do with her because the mama kitty had died and left only this one kitten when she was 3 weeks old. I took her and nurse her with a bottle and she flourished! Actually she became a holy terror! But as you can see we bonded big time. This was not a set up pose. Every time I would do dishes she would climb up my body like a tree and flop on my shoulder just like you see here! When she got a bit too big and heavy for me to handle her climbing up, I would have to pick her up and let her be on my shoulder "before" starting dishes because if I didn't I got a very painful surprise! Harley will be 14 years old in Dec. She still is my best buddy but doesn't do much of the shoulder lounging anymore. Now she waits until bedtime and sleeps under the covers cradled in my arm. Animals are so endearing.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Big Day of Projects!

Yesterday was productive, I think. It wasn't raining like the day before so it made it easier to get things going.
Dori was busy painting the guest bedroom a beautiful shade of gray-green. It will need another coat and she will do that today.

The truck arrived with the split-rail fence materials and James and Isaac got right to work unloading. Just look at my grandson work!! He just got right in there and started carrying the 10 foot rails! Pretty good for 6 years old! Hope he is still as industrious in ten years! LOL
They also added the reflectors to the monster mailbox. James also fixed my cubboard door to swing the right direction and he took a limb off a tree that was hanging in a bad spot over the driveway and he and Isaac set some of the post for the fence. It was a good day! It's good to have kids!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Progress...I think???

Thank goodness for strong men. Here is my wonderful husband and brother filling the truck with mostly stuff for the sewing studio! Except the oak library table which we will use once again for our kitchen table. I has a special history and it will be nice to use it again.
Below is a picture of the space all my sewing was in! Remember the dolls on the wall? The boxes are my daughter's as she and her family move in. It will be a great home for them.

Then the real challenge begins. Where to put all this stuff!!! It is overwhelming at times as I had lots of help to bring it in but I'm on my own to organize it...
What a mess! but it is coming together even after a few set-backs. My mom came to visit, which was great, and then I got a bug of some sort that made me feel rotten. Now my shoulder is really being a problem...Arrgh!! I just want to sew!!!
Things will start to look better in the next week. One box at a time...right?

Now if I can just find my cords to the machines!!!
At least my dolls are finding their places!!