Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Casuals

These are just some sweet causal separates. Great looks for Fall and can be mix and matched.
The "skinny pants" are made with a cotton and lycra blend so they always fit perfect and are so easy to slip on and off for quick changes. The tops are made with a soft cotton blend sweater fabric and they either close in the back with snaps or slip over the head.
The belt is made with a great pewter chain attached to a interlocking clasp for easy on and off. Just adds a little extra to an already great look.
Look for these in my Etsy shop soon.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Neighborhood Fire!

Woke up this morning with my livingroom all lit up with flashing pretty colors. Looked outside to see the whole brigade of firetrucks and paramedics! I think every truck in the city was parked in front of our house (blocking our driveway even)! A neighbors house had caught fire about 2 am and it was a big one. No one was hurt but one of their dogs died. It looks like someone might have started it on purpose. That's so scary. I was going to walk up and take pictures but it is raining out so I changed my mind for now. Maybe later.

Right now, I'm going to go get some moving boxes! A daunting task ahead of me...

Signed Papers!

Well, we signed papers yesterday and gave our down money to the lenders yesterday! Something came up in the disclosures though that the sellers have to take care of and clear up but it looks like everything is a go and the house will be our home!! Yeah!!! Now for the serious packing! We will take our time though to move in. There are some things we want to do beforehand. The kitchen has tile countertops...Yuck. I want granite. I will start moving stuff into and setting up my sewing studio as soon as possible. Then I can get serious about selling my line of clothes.
I sure would appreciate a lot more feedback on the items I show. At least click the boxes below to show if you like the outfit or not. It helps me to give a better selection.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Hippie Girl

"Love, Peace, and Rock and Roll!" Here's my version of true "flower power". I had so much fun creating this look. The bright, very bright, yellow green color just set the pace for me and inspired this outfit. The tights looked okay but then I had this idea to hand-stitch little black x's up the seam and that worked so well that it had to have a mini skirt in a sharp contrast black to show off those legs. then back to a simular hue of bright yellow green to make the top. Then of course the headband and the hand-crocheted flower with a glass bead center was a must for the pretty hippie girl. The belt made with the "love" beads made a statement too and then the jewelry had to convey a clear message of what this girl is all about. I think the task was accomplished. What do you think?

More Power to You!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pregnant Midge has Style

So, Midge and I had a very nice photo shoot. She's like a pro at it. I kept asking her if she was okay or if she needed to sit down for awhile but no, she is such a trooper. She said "The light is good right now so let's get all the shots we can!"

She was right! The light was perfect. That early morning sun really brought out her sparkle. She had a glow aboout her.
She wanted to show all the details that makes her outfit so special.

Right down to her well fitted legging/tights and the leg warmers. Then of course we had to have the glamorous tummy shot! Midge said, "Well, Demi did it!" Then she said, "I'm done, I need a nap before Alan comes home with Ryan!"

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pregnant Midge looks HOT!

Okay, I have to admit that I'm very proud of this one. I'll take some better pictures tomorrow in the sun light but I just couldn't wait to add this to my Blog to share with you. This is one of my pregnant Midge dolls. (You can see more pictures of her in an earlier entry.) I have been thinking about outfits to fit and look good on her and when I finished this sweater I had a sudden brain storm. I had made some tights, (heavy pantyhose with feet), that were very roomy because the material was very stretchy. Perfect for going up over the tummy. The sweater just fit right over her tummy too. So then I had to make the leg warmers to match. The color works with her red hair and freckles. It is so Fall. I think she is beautiful...wait until you see the pictures tomorrow. I like to think I looked that good pregnant! I definitely would have worn this!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Okay. This started with the the fish net thigh-high stockings I made to go with these great boots I found on EBay. This poor doll stood on the shelf for weeks, naked, with just the stockings and boots on, which got a few "woo-hoo's" from the men in my life, (husband, brother and my daughter's boyfriend). So I had to come up with something to end the embarrassment!

So this was my first attempt. I had this pretty stretchy knit fabric and I just made a simple tube style dress but it just looked boring. She stood on the shelf for a bit longer... until I got this idea to add the grommets and silver chains. It still needs a bit of tweaking, (my sewing was little bit off). Still, I thought it was a spicy little number.

Mix and Match

The top here is a very soft yellow in a knit fabric. It looks pretty good, I thought with the pair of flared-leg skinny pants in black.

It seemed to look good coupled with this soft light blue knit maxi skirt with a bit of a mermaid ruffle on the bottom.
Then to dress things up a bit more, I put the skirt with this lovely knit sweater. It is very shiny with gold metallic thread running through the golden yarn. I made it with a large collared neckline that makes it easy to slip on over the head and can be adjusted to hug the shoulders. Then I switched it up and combined it with the black flares. Two outfits, four different looks. All of these work as separates and can be used in many applications.

Wish I had a wardrobe like Barbies!! So do you approve of these? Please leave comments.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Baby's New Outfit

I just have to show off some of my babies. These are all rescued dolls, dirty and unloved, until I found them. I can only take credit for cleaning them up and making them smell good but the outfits are from the loving hands of my mum-in-law. and the little sandals and Mary Jane slippers are from another talented Etsian, Janet at

Are these cute or what??? I can't wait to be in our new place where I can display all my cuties properly. I have quite a few more to show off. It is not easy to choose any to sell as they become my children through the process. Each have their own unique personality. I love them all! Wouldn't you?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Oregon Garden Resort

This was a really fun day. I didn't think it was going to be because I was feeling so good this morning but, we, Mike and I, met up with our brother-in-law in Silverton and had a wonderful lunch/brunch at the Oregon Gardens Resort. John was feeling a bit blue being away from home and his beautiful wife and he needed some cheering up. (We did our best Annie but he still misses you!) Anyway, it is a really pretty place with all kinds of lovely flowers and ponds and walkways like below...

Then there was a Roadsteer Car show going on so we decided to go to it. I had to take my heels off so I walked around barefooted...It was great! We all found our special cars to vote on. John and I are posing in front of the one Mike liked (wanted) a '67' Skylark and she was a beauty.

Then John spotted the one he wanted...I mean picked to be best in show... Ford Fairlane Convertable... wowzers! That would look really good wrapped around a certain redhead... I think John was thinking just that! Then I saw my pick... Wayne's '51' Mercury from the movie American Graffiti. Such a cool muscle car. It thrilled me to no end when he invited me to sit behind the wheel! AWESOME!!!

I think I looked like I belong behind that wheel!!! Don't you agree?